Conservatory Insulation

Conservatory Insulation is a  multi-foil insulation which maximises insulation, transforming your unused conservatory into a room that can be used 365 days a year.

Eco Spray Foam’s Insulation is a total insulation blanket made from multiple layers of Aluminium, Wadding, Foam and Air pockets to provide a complete vapour control insulation blanket.

No only will this help keep your conservatory warm in winter it will also keep it cool in the hot summer months. All the while saving you money on your energy payments.

If you wish to find out more about how Eco Spray Foam can help you insulating your conservatory or any other parts of your home then please call us on 0333 66 66 456.


To find out more information about how we can help insulate your home with Icynene Spray Foam please call us or drop us an email!

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Spray Foam vs Traditional Insulation

Imagine a draft free energy-efficient home. Spray foam expands up to 100 times its original size to fill every corner of a building’s envelope for thermal insulation and air sealing. With traditional insulation, spaces and gaps in homes that aren’t filled can leak enough air everyday to fill two air blimps!

Environmental Design

Each year, commercial buildings spend over $100 million in energy costs with around 30% of the energy used being wasted. Leading architectural firms have the power to shape a sustainable future through
energy-efficient, sustainable designs and spray foam.

Quick Facts

How many homes?

425,000 +

Homes/ Buildings are insulated with Icynene.

How Many Countries?

28 + Countries

Icynene has contractors in over 28 countries.

Eco Spray Foam operate throughout London, Kent, Sussex and the United Kingdom.

Spray Foam Used?

3 Billion +

Icynene has estimated they have used over 3 Billion Board Ft of Icynene Spray Foam Insulation