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Why Do You Need Soundproofing?

Soundproofing insulation can provide optimal benefits for your residential or commercial property. You can transform your home into a peaceful and relaxing property with sufficient insulation. Create the harmony and ambiance that you’ve always desired through soundproofing specific areas of your home.

Commercial and/or industrial properties can also benefit from this insulation. Whether you are constructing an office, school or any other property, having quality sound-control will optimise the building to be utilised properly. Soundproofing qualities can also raise value of properties and make them a more attractive location for investors and clients.

The Soundproofing Product: Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open cell insulation is a form of spray foam that is widely used throughout residential and commercial properties. Specifications of open cell foam allow it to act as a superior soundproofing product. It is a lightweight, flexible and minimally dense product, creating the perfect structure to soundproof. Its flexibility allows it to reach all nooks and crannies, filing gaps and spaces with this expandable foam product. The cellular structure of open cell foam allows for flexibility and the expandable nature allows for only a single coating, which makes this product highly cost effective. Additionally, open cell foam insulation isn’t just a product for soundproofing, but it creates an effective insulation material overall.

Open Cell Foam
Sound Proofing Benefits
Airborne Sound

While sound can travel through a variety of mediums, airborne sound is by far the most common. From roadside noise, music, speech and general area noises, there are a lot of factors that can irritate your peace. Our open cell foam insulation acts as an air barrier, effectively minimising these distressing noises, creating a more soundproof atmosphere.

Flanking Sound

This form of sound resembles the transitional noise created by every possible pathway that sound can travel through, thus all pathways wil need to be eliminated via insulation. Our Icynene foam insulation can accomplish this via its flexible properties that cover every nok and cranny, filling every gap and crevice while using less material which saves money.

Plumbing Noise

Piping can cause consistent and irritating noise, especially in residential apartment areas. When water flows through pipes it causes vibrations which transfer across the property into all rooms. Our Iycnene open cell product dampens vibrations and water hammer sound with insulation around the pipes and also secures the pipes and walls around.

Impact Noise

This form of noise causes vibrations across a property, typically via structures. Therefore it is necessary to properly insulate and sound-proof flooring. Impact noises arise from multiple sources which compile together in one huge vibrational transmission through a structure. Isolating the flooring with proper soundproof insulation can minimise impact sounds.

Structural Vibrations

Structural noises, sounds and vibrations are the result of most airborne and physical sounds that are caused in a property. We can implement certain techniques to halt the movement of these vibrations. Our Icynene product can provide a structural break between parts of a structure, isolating vibrations.

Sound-deadening Properties

Our Icynene open cell spray foam product is composed of a spray-in-place two liquid material which can rapidly expand, cover and soundproof properties and structures. Icynene’s sound-deadening qualities are problem-solving and noise-minimising. This solution is also highly cost effective due to its flexibility to cover and fill every gap.

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The Techincals: Open Cell Foam Insulation
Construction Test Criteria Results
Timber framed separating wall Airborne sound insulation (DnTw (+Ctr)) 59dB
Twin frame timber wall,
Icynene applied to each frame
Airborne sound insulation (DnTw (+Ctr)) 50dB
Steel stud wall Sound transmission class 48dB
Floor: robust details E-FT-1 Airborne sound insulation (DnTw (+Ctr))
Impact sound transmission (L’nTw)
Sound Proofing
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