The Green Homes Grant initiative has finished. If you have an ongoing application that you wish to know more about please contact us.

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With applications now closed, we cannot offer more applications for the Green Homes Grant


  • What is the Green Homes scheme? Arrow
  • The green home grant scheme is a new scheme by the government in which they will provide £2Bn for projects that will improve the energy efficiency of households. It is part of a larger plan to reduce carbon emissions across the country.
  • What does the scheme provide?Arrow
  • The scheme will provide homeowners and landlords vouchers up to £10,000 to cover 2/3 of the cost of improvements.
    The majority of individuals will qualify for £5,000 towards the cost while those which are classified as low income households will receive £10,000 - The lowest income households will get full costs covered, the way the grant works will depend on the bracket in which you fall.
  • What home improvements are covered?Arrow
  • The grant will cover a range of improvements, so far the government have released a list that will be covered. They have split the measures into two parts - Primary & Secondary measures.
      Primary Measures
    • Solid wall, under-floor, cavity wall, loft, flat roof, room in room, or roof insulation.
    • Air or ground source heat pumps.
    • Solar thermal.
      Secondary Measures
    • Double glazing, triple glazing, and secondary glazing.
    • Upgrading doors to energy efficient alternatives (replacement of doors fitted prior to 2002).
    • Draught proofing.

    You can have one or more of the above. Although to qualify for a secondary measure you must of had one of the primary measures completed and the cost must not exceed the amount of the primary measure.
  • Am I eligible?Arrow
  • At this moment in time the exact qualifying criteria has not been released although it seems that most homeowners will be covered in some capacity with an estimated 600,000 homes that funding will be provided.
  • How do I apply?Arrow
  • The application process will become active in September and you will need to apply via the Simple Energy Advice website. To be able to apply you will need to attain a quote from an accredited supplier (See "Which companies are accredited suppliers"
  • When does the scheme end?Arrow
  • The scheme will run for a total of 6 months with completion in March 2021.
  • Which companies are accredited suppliers?Arrow
  • According to the government press release an accredited supplier means that the company is either Trustmark Registered Business or MCS Registered depending on which measure they will be quoting you on.