Icynene Technical Information

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

Icynene spray foam insulation is one of our most advanced products that we offer. This incredible two-part foam product has a range of applications. You can view the full composition and technical data behind spray foam insulation by clicking the button below. It contains an array of information on the composition, performance, U-values, acoustic performance and more in regards to Icynene spray foam. Additionally, if you have any further questions you can contact us at info@sprayfoam.co.uk.

Icynene Data

Icynene Thermal Resistance & Performance

Download our PDF on Icynene Declaration of Performance. The PDF gives technical insights into thermal resistance data and over performance and resistance in a variety of situation. For example, reaction to fires, water permeability, thermal resistance, water vapour transmission and more.

Declaration of Performance

Icynene Technical Design Notes

The below document explains the technicality of design areas for Icynene. Our document contains valid and important technical details explaining various areas and the importance to insulate all over a property, from floors to walls and attics.

Icynene Technical Design Notes

Icynene Fire Test Data

Icynene products support a various amount of heat, thermal and fire resistance. The below document explores characteristics of Icynene, vapour permanence, air permanence and a series of flame examples. For technical insights into Icynene fire testing check out this document.

Icynene Fire Test

Icynene HFC & PBDE Free Details

This document explores the Icynene blowing agent project and what it exactly means to be HFC and PBDE free. Icynene prides itself on its 100% water-blown capabilities that provides superior benefits on the environment. Importantly, the document includes the reasons behind why Icynene spray foam is HFC & PBDE free.

HFC & PBDE Details
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