Traditional Insulation

Traditional Insulation Methods

EcoSpray-Foam Systems can deliver a wide variety of insulation products. We offer the latest and greatest insulating products such as spray foam insulation, but we also offer the traditional methods too. We want to provide that highest quality service for all of our residential and commercial customers, that is why we pride ourselves in using the best state-of-the-art products available. Some of the insulation brands we use are: Icynene, SecoFLEX, Bostik, Kingspan, Knauf, Recticel, Superglass, Tyvek, Thermabead, Quinn Therm, Ecotherm, Isover, Celotex and more.

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Icynene Sprayfoam Insulation

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Icynene sprayfoam insulation is one of the latest and most innovative insulating technologies on the market today. It may not currently be considered 'traditional' but it is setting conventions and best practice for the best insulating material available.

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Bostik Adhesive London

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Bostik is a widely known adhesive that aids insulation techniques. The adhesive contains main important qualities and features such as maximum strength, quick drying capabilities and, importantly, it is water resistant.

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Celotex Insulation Board

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Celotex is an excellent brand of insulation boards that can and are still used as a means of insulating. As a traditional insulation method, Celotex is up there with the best due to its foil-faced qualities.

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Ecotherm Underfloor Insulation

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Ecotherm is a premium underfloor heating insulation product. Whether you require underfloor heating for commercial or residential requirements, Ecotherm underfloor heating, containing polyester fibres, would be a great investment.

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Isover Insulation London

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Isover insulating products range from wool materials, foams and air-tightness systems that can provide your property with the desired insulation. Additionally, Isover products include expended polystyrene and extruded polystyrene foam products and glass wool and stone wool mineral insulating products.

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Kingspan Foam Insulation - London

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Kingspan foam insulation is an important requirement for many commercial and residential properties, it holds a range of benefits for air quality, heat efficiency and reduction in cooling costs. Kingspan contains a phenolic foam which lies in the core of insulating panels.

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Knauf Wool Insulation - London

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Knauf is a well-known and high quality insulating product. Knauf products offer mineral wool insulation, more specifically, glass mineral wool insulation which provides an array of qualities and benefits.

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Quin-Therm PIR Insulation London

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Quin-Therm PIR boards are reliable and robust insulating products. This insulator contains unique properties such as thermal conductive resistance and can be applied in various areas, walls, floors and roofs. These PIR boards come in an extensive range, providing a good product choice.

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Rectical PIR Insulation - London

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Rectical offers premium PIR insulating boards that differ to Quin-Therm and hold their own important qualities. These high performance PIR insulating boards are rigid and used in pitched roofing, flooring and framed wall applications.

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Secoflex Masonry Coating - London

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Secoflex is a masonry coating brand that is of the utmost quality. This advanced coloured masonry coating can provide the qualities your walls need to insulate against decay, increase heat resistance, improve property conditions and more. See our masonry coating page for more information.

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Superglass insulating products come in a variety, but favour glass mineral wool insulation. The glass mineral wool product exceeds all tests and regulations with its thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities. Moreover, this product is expected to save, over the course of a buildings lifetime, 300 times more energy than consumed in manufacturing.

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Thermabead Cavity Wall - London

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Thermabead cavity wall insulations are a revelation in the insulating world, it's innovative, effective and a must have for commercial and residential properties. These small insulating breads contain an array of qualities that enhance your insulation.

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Tyvek Insulation - London

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Tyvek is a popular insulating product, and for good reason. It's high-density polyethylene fibres and synthetic material prove to be of great importance. Moreover, it is 100% recyclable and the material is made up of recyclable plastic bottles.

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Ecobead insulation provides a high quality cavity wall insulating product that contains many qualities. These high performance beads are water-based adhesives and are a quick, flexible, environmentally friendly insulating method for cavity walls.

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