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Offering Manchester the opportunity for spray foam insulation on all projects residential & commercial to the highest standard.

Spray Foam

About Eco-Spray Foam Systems

At Eco Spray-Foam Systems we have over 20 years of insulation experience under our belts. In 2019 we expanded into the Manchester area opening a brand-new office. This allows us to offer our spray foam insulation service to a much larger service area. Having been one of the first in the UK to begin spray foaming we want to be able to offer our services to help individuals and companies across the UK with opening our Manchester office a big step to becoming national.

Spray foam has been developed using the latest technology to make it one of the most advanced on the market to date. The applications of spray foam are almost endless with it being applied to the roof, walls, and floors of many properties. There is not just one type of spray foam, and there are two main types, these are open-cell and closed-cell. Their names are representatives of their actual molecular structure.

Each type of spray foam as its unique strengths and should be used in certain situations. Open-cell spray foam is soft, breathable foam, making it perfect to work alongside timbers in lofts and stud walls, for example. It can even shift to accommodate seasonal changes in the wood. It cannot sustain mould and is not a food source for pests.

Open Cell

Open-cell spray foam has a rate of expansion from 1mm to 100mm. This means it is excellent at creating an airtight seal because it can fit into all the little nooks and crannies. With just a 1mm air gap insulation saying a reduction of u-vale to the factor of 4.8 air-tightness is something you should be thinking about. While other traditional insulation types struggle to achieve their laboratory u-value, spray foams air tightness allows it to reach the u-value you expect.

When looking to insulation for acoustic values, open-cell spray foam is the type of spray foam you should be considering. It is excellent at absorbing airborne sounds such as the radio or chattering. We have installed our open-cell system in many internal walls to help block out sounds from neighbours.

Closed Cell

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is the type with the highest thermal conductivity at 0.036 W/mK. Its cell structure is might tighter, giving it a ridged finish that would have to be virtually hammer and chiselled out to be removed. The way it sets means it can be used in situations in which you would want to add structural integrity as well as insulation. For example, you can use closed-cell to extended the lifespan of a roof or wall.

It can repel large amounts of water and act as a perfect vapour barrier. This is because of the tightness of the cells. Not only is it a barrier for water, but it is also an air barrier too. Closed-cell spray foam can be applied to virtually any surface apart from dirt. This means it is ideal for spraying directly on to metal or concrete surfaces. This allows us to use it in a considerable amount of commercial applications. It can be applied at various depths between 25-30mm intervals.

Pour Fill

We also offer a third type of spray foam which has an open-call and closed-cell version – known as “Pour Fill” Spray foam. This particular design means this version of spray foam is ideal for retrofitting into a cavity. It is designed to expand slowly and gently to up to 60 times its original volume. It follows the path of least resistance filling the space to create an air barrier. It can be injected into the cavity through 8mm holes. It’s great to use in situations in which you wish to keep the original features and not damage the surface of the cavity.

Why should you consider spray foam insulation?

Protect your Home

Protect your home – Studies have shown that 99% of the moisture that enters the house does so in the air. With a spray foam insulation system installed, most of the moisture will not be able to enter your home due to the airtight seal that is created. This means that your home is also protected from the damage that moisture can cause, like mould.

Save Money & Energy

You can save up to 50% of the money you spend on heating and cooling your property. These savings will begin as soon as the system is installed, so it makes sense to upgrade your insulation sooner rather than later. Prospective buyers are more likely to pay a premium if you decide to sell your property if it falls into a higher energy efficiency category.

Protection from Pests

Many different pests like rodents use traditional insulation as food or nesting materials. Spray foam is not a food source and is not an excellent nesting material removing the reason some pests are drawn to your property. It is a solid unlike some other insulations to it also acts as a physical barrier preventing entry to your property.

Air Quality

Many illnesses are irritated by airborne pollutants. By air sealing your property with a spray foam insulation system, you will significantly reduce the amount of dust and dirt in the air leaving you with higher overall air quality making your property more comfortable.

Structural Integrity

Closed-cell spray foam can be used to add structural integrity to the area in which it is applied. It can also be used on walls in flood risk areas due to its ability to deflect water.

Applications of Spray Foam
Pitched Roof Insulation

With approximately 25% of heat lost straight out of your roof installing a spray foam insulation system can provide you with a massive reduction on your heating costs.

Flat Roof Insulation

Correctly installing insulation in a flat roof can prevent heat loss. Spray foams easy application makes insulating flat roofs easy.

Wall Insulation

When it comes to wall insulation spray foam is a great option, but it is not the only option we provide, for more information visit our wall insulation page.

Floor Insulation

Spray foam can be applied to the underside of suspended floors to prevent draughts or even in between levels of a property.


Our system can be installed in new conversions or easily retrofitted into existing conversions to improve insulation.

Boat Insulation

With many other insulation types not suitable for boats spray foam insulation has been used to insulate many ships because of its ability to be a water barrier.

Vehicle Insulation

Over the years, we have insulated many vehicles. We understand what is needed and can make recommendations that would suit your needs.

Warehouse Insulation

We have insulated warehouses across the country from farm units to food production. We can complete risk analyses, condensation risk & u-value calculations to ensure your needs are met.

Factories & Office Blocks

We are here to help you make sure your production lines and employees have the environment they need to produce. With a spray foam insulation system installed, you can expect a reduction in your energy costs too!

Container Insulation

FFrom container conversions to the storage of high valued goods, we have done it all. We are here to help you insulate your container/s whatever you need.

Wall Insulation

With up to 35% of heat escaping through the walls, it is not a place to be overlooked. We have a multitude of products available to suit your needs, be that thermal insulation or acoustic.

Swimming Pool Insulation

With us insulating for over 20 years we have insulated a swimming pool or two, we understand the task and will help you achieve the insulation you need.

Ship Insulation

Whether you need to insulate a ship for thermal, acoustic or in need of safe fire insulation, we are here to help. We understand the complex task it is to insulate a ship, and our expert is here to make the recommendations you need.

Car Parks & Concrete Soffits

You will need to insulate car parks and concrete soffits to meet building regulations. We can provide you with fireproof and effective insulation to meet your needs.

Schools & Hospitals

A lot of new schools and hospitals are designed for passive house principles. Spray foam with is airtightness values is a great choice to seal the property.

Workshops & Garages

Often, workshops and garages require insulation to meet specific standards. We can offer you a class 0 fire rated foam to satisfy your needs.