Flat Roof Insulation

Does your home have a flat roof? Find out why you should and how you can best insulate it with Eco Spray-Foam Systems

Benefits of Flat Roof Insulation


Due to the structure of a flat roof, it is common for water and other substances to build up on the surface. In order to prevent leakage, mould growth and any nasty surprises, it is advisable to insulate your flat roof. Insulation can prevent water passing and keep your home healthy for years.

Structural Integrity

Insulation, especially, closed-cell foam insulation, can add structural integrity to the construction of your flat roof, providing a more robust roof that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Flat roofs are susceptible to extreme weather, therefore, our professionals advise insulating them.


An insulated roof creates a warm roof and a warm roof provides breathable conditions which prevents the build up of moisture. When moistures builds up in the structure of your property, it can tarnish the structure and decrease the overall value of your home. Keep out fungal and mould growth with insulation.

What is a Cold Flat Roof Insulation?

A flat roof is a less common type of roof that homes have and pose a need for insulation in order to maximise energy efficiency in your home. Moreover, flat roofs can pose a danger due to their structural composition, it can collect water and allow for leakage, mould growth and in some cases, it can give way. With insulation you can reaffirm the structure and using water impermeable products that can support your flat roof.

Flat Roof

Spray Foam for Flat Roof Insulation

Our professionals recommend a type of spray foam insulation to most effectively insulate your flat roof and add value and lifespan to your home. Industry experts favour closed-cell foam insulation due to its dense and water impermeable benefits. We advocate Icynene quality foam insulation, arguably the best on the market, and with this, you can have your home insulated to a high standard.

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