Great British Insulation Scheme (ECO+)

Access funded insulation that covers the installation of roof and cavity wall insulation in addition to smart heating controls implementation.

100% Free

Free Funding

ECO+ offers up to £1,500 for indvidual households to upgrade their home insulation.

Energy Efficient

Reduce Fuel Poverty

This initiative targets the least energ-efficienct homes across the United Kingdom.

2 Mins Application

2-Minute Application

Quickly and easily apply below to see if you are elligible for the Great British Insulation scheme.

What is ECO+?

ECO+, also known as, Great British Insulation, is a UK initiative the is commited to helping households who suffer from fuel poverty and have the least energy-efficient homes.

This initiative will help homes reduce energy bills by becoming more energy efficient, with the installation of roof and/or cavity wall insulation.

In attempt to support low-income and vulnerable households, ECO+ is a project with £1 billion of funding to support homes in need across the country.

Contact us today to see if you are eligible for the Great British Insulation initiative.

What it is?

Key Details

  1. ECO+ is a UK Government Scheme
  2. You can get up to £1,500
  3. 70,000 homes can benefit
  4. Targeting homes with EPC of D or below
  5. You can apply in 2 minutes
  6. Supports wall or loft insulation

How does the Great British Insulation Scheme Work?

This initiative proposes to insulate the least energy-efficient households across Britain, those that have an EPC rating of D or less. The insulation services that will be recommended are either loft insulation or cavity wall insulation. Both of these forms of insulation can greatly help to make your home more energy efficient and can be relatively cheap, allowing the funding to cover the full cost.

How it works?

ECO+ Eligibility

The UK government has a few specifications for this initiative:

  1. EPC rating of D or less
  2. To be used for cavity wall or loft insulation
  3. Low-income or vulnerable household
  4. Similiar eligibility requirements as ECO4
  5. 20% of funding to fuel poverty homes

Apply for the Great British Insulation Scheme