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Based in Essex, we are here to provide you with spray foam insulation for all your residential & commercial needs.

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About Eco Spray Foam Systems

With our head office in Essex, Eco Spray-Foam Systems have been insulating across Essex for the best part of 20 years. We are spray foam insulation specialists being one of the first contractors in the UK to begin using spray foam, working on a range of projects from residential home insulation to large scale commercial warehouses we have done it all. Our extensive experience allows us to create personalized recommendations based on your needs.

The applications of spray foam insulation are virtually endless; the two main types have their individual properties which allow them to be correctly suited to particular applications. The two main types of spray foam are known as open-cell and closed-cell, with their names being earned by their cell structure. Both have a range of applications; they can be applied to the roof, walls and floors of your property.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell Insulation

The open-cell spray foam is a soft, breathable foam with its cell structure being 90% open. This is the spray foam type with the highest amount of expansion being able to expand from 1mm of liquid form to 100mm of foam insulation. This massive amount of expansion is what allows this type of foam to be applied in any shape; it will completely fill the space to create an airtight seal. This airtight seal is what separates spray foam other types of insulation.

Open-cell spray foam insulation is the type that we recommend installing in residential lofts, only in certain circumstances such as if you want to add structural integrity to a roof would we recommend closed-cell. Open-cell is particularly useful in loft spaces because of its breathable nature. This means that it will not suffocate your timbers, but it will work with them accounting for seasonal shifting and allowing them to breathe all year round.

The other time we recommend open-cell insulation is when you would like not only to insulate but reduce noise because it is a soft spongy foam it has the highest acoustic values. It is particularly good at lowering airborne sounds like the radio or TV.

Closed Cell Insulation

Closed-cell spray foam insulation has it's very own unique properties and applications that it should be used. This type of spray foam has the highest thermal conductivity at 0.036 W/mK, meaning that heat will travel slowing through this type of spray foam. Not only is it one of the best insulators available but due to its closed-cell structure it sets solid and firm, this adds another facet, the ability to add structural integrity to the area applied to be that a roof or wall.

The closed-cell spray foams structure also allows it to be a complete water barrier being able to deflect large amounts of water and can even help with a leaky roof. In addition to this, it can create a complete air seal making it the perfect choice if you wish to seal the envelope of your property.

Pour Fill

Another spray foam product we provide is the "Pour fill" solution. This is different from the other types of spray foam insulation because it is designed explicitly for cavity situations. This type of spray foam can be quickly injected into existing cavities via 8mm drill holes. This type of foam will fill the cavity from the bottom up, expanding to 60 times its original volume. It will slowly grow upwards following the path of least resistance while maintaining the original surface; it will not cause any cracks or destroy any unique architect features on the surface. We have two types of pour fill available with an open and closed-cell version available.

What are the Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation?

Protect Your Home

Spray foam insulation is particularly good at stopping unwanted moisture from entering your home. 99% of the moisture that enters your property does so in the air. Spray foam will prevent this and thus prevent the damage caused by undesirable humidity such as mould.

Save Money & Energy

Once spray foam is installed, you can expect to save up to 50% on your current energy costs. Later if you decide to sell your property, your potential buyers will be willing to pay a higher price for a home with a better energy efficiency rating.

Air Quality

With the air seal achieved when spray foaming, you will block most pollutants in the air entering your home. Many of our clients have reported a drastic decrease in dust and dirt particles in the air. This is particularly important for individuals with ailments like asthma which can be agitated by particles in the air.

Protect from Pests

Unlike other traditional insulation methods, spray foam acts as a physical barrier to entry. Also, many pests use different insulation types for nesting materials, or as a food source, spray foam is not suitable for either of these uses, and so pests will not be attracted to your home.

Add Structural Integrity

Close-cell spray foam can be used to add structural integrity and extend the lifespan of any wall, floor or roof that it is applied.

Applications of Spray Foam
Pitched Roof Insulation

With up to 25% of heat escaping through the roof of your property insulating the pitched roof is a great way to reduce your energy costs.

Flat Roof Insulation

Many insulation types are not suitable for flat roofs, but that does not mean it should be overlooked, luckily spray foam is a viable solution.

Wall Insulation

Add spray foam insulation to your walls can help you to insulate as well as drown out sounds with its acoustics value. Spray foam is not the only option when providing when it comes to wall insulate .

Floor Insulation

100mm of spray foam applied to the underside of a suspended floor will help eliminate any draughts. We can also insulate between the levels of your property for either thermal or acoustic reasons.


Conversions can often be too hot or too cold, with a spray foam system installed you can expect to be able to use the conversion all year round.

Boat Insulation

Are you looking to convert a narrowboat or barge into living space? Speak to one of our experts today, and we can talk you through the whole process.

Vehicle Insulation

Many people are deciding to go travelling in a converted van or even live in one. We have done many of these over the years and are happy to help.

Warehouse Insulation

We have insulated warehouses across the country. We understand the potential problems you can face and how to solve them. We can help you eliminate condensation and meet any u-value that you require.

Factories & Office Blocks

Correct insulation installed can have a massive reduction in your HVAC costs, and this is not the only benefit from installing a spray foam system in your office – you will provide your employees with the prime working environment for the highest production.

Wall Insulation

A large amount of heat can escape via the walls, up to 35%. It is especially important to insulate these walls especially on large commercial buildings where the surface area of walls tend to be larger meaning more heat will escape through them.

Container Insulation

Depending on your needs, we can assess and make recommendations based on your use while insulating containers.

Swimming Pool Insulation

When you insulate the underside of a swimming pool you help protect from heat loss all year round.

Ship Insulation

More often spray foam is being used for ships – It's a great option because it is not only lightweight but effective insulator.

Car Parks & Concrete Soffits

These areas are required to be insulated to building regulations – we can provide you with a u-value calculation as well as using approved products that will satisfy building control.

Schools & Hospitals

Spray foam is being used more and more within schools & hospitals; this is because many are designed to passive house standards with spray foam being the ideal insulation to seal the envelope.

Workshops & Garages

Workshops and garages are often hot working environments, and insulation is usually required to be fireproof, for situations like this we have a class 0 fire rated foam available.