Boat Insulation

At Eco Spray-Foam Systems, we offer an unmatched boat insulation service that will ensure your vessel remains in its prime condition.

Benefits of Boat Insulation

The best boat insulation should offer many benefits to you including dulling your engine noise and stopping the growth of mould – while not compromising the buoyancy of your vessel.


High-quality boat insulation provides a smooth and safe journey. This is because it provides a layer of protection that stops water from seeping into your boat. This both prevents the growth of mould, and protects your belongings from water damage, too. Closed cell foam insulation is highly recommended for boats, due to its dense properties and waterproof capabilities.

Noise Cancelling

Due to their engine, boats can be noisy places to be. However, with open cell spray foam boat insulation, you can dramatically reduce sound pollution, and in turn create a more enjoyable experience. The foam insulant goes a long way to dull out noises and vibrations from the boat - so you can kick back and relax in your new-found peaceful space.

Lightweight Material

The weight of a boat has huge implications for its performance and efficiency. Therefore, we provide boat insulation that insulates your boat efficiently, but remains lightweight and compact.
Open cell foam insulation is light, flexible and expandable, making it the perfect choice for your boat insulation needs.

Installing Boat Insulation

Now you’re aware of all the benefits that boat insulation can bring about, you might be wondering how you go about getting started. Our specialist team of dedicated experts can enhance your boating experience by using a selection of quality boat insulation products. Any boat can be insulated, and the gains you’re set to make from it are invaluable.

No boat insulation project is too big or too small for us. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to begin your boat insulation journey.

Boat Insulation
Spray Foam Insulation for Yachts

Spray Foam for Yacht & Boat Insulation

When it comes to boat insulation, our industry experts highly recommend using Icynene spray foam insulation in order to create the most efficient and effective boating experience.

Your boat insulation matters to us, and we want to make sure that you’re provided the highest quality product on the market today. With spray foam boat insulation, you can choose between open cell and closed cell properties. You’ll also have the option to opt for noise-cancelling, lightweight, waterproof, robust and secure boat insulation.

Where to Find The Best Boat Insulation Services?

If you’d like more information on spray foam insulation including the two types and their properties, you can see our page on spray foam insulation for more information or call our office on 0203 411 5188.

Whether you would like open cell, closed cell, or if you haven’t quite decided yet – at Eco Spray-Foam Systems we are always ready to offer you the best boat insulation advice available.

We’re happy to offer the best boat insulation on the market today, as proven by over 100 of our happy customers on Checkatrade.

Best Boat Insulation


  • My boat doesn’t have a fixed mooring point; how can I arrange a survey?

  • We understand that you love sailing the waters in your boat and fear this may moor you for a few days in order to complete your survey. However, if you simply tell us where you’re set to be at the time of survey, we can come out to wherever you are and complete a simple survey in as little as an hour to offer you the best boat insulation advice!

  • What about installation? How can this be arranged?

  • In order to install we would require clear access from our van to your boat. Our surveyor will be happy to discuss this with you further. If you need to arrange an installation location that is different from your survey location – our office team will require some details from you in order to clarify the access available.