Underfloor Insulation Services

Turn your house into a home with our bespoke underfloor spray foam insulation. Enhance your homes' ambience, lock in heat, and save money on your energy bills with our bespoke underfloor insulation solutions.

What is Underfloor Insulation?

Effective floor insulation compliments your home's interior while providing effective benefits to your overall comfort, living standards and heating properties.

If your floor is well insulated, you can retain heat throughout cold winters, and keep those underfloor pipes effectively insulated too, reducing the risk of damage.

Up to 15% of your homes heat escapes through the floor making underfloor insulation a sensible option for those looking to save energy and money.

We also offer an additional service in the form of underfloor heating that can be completed at the same time as your underfloor spray foam insulation.

Floor Insulation

Benefits of Undefloor Insulation

From locking in heat to soundproofing your walls, underfloor insulation can bring valuable benefits to your home.

Prevent Heat Loss

Underfloor spray foam insulation can help you create a significantly warmer internal environment. You lose up to 15% of heat through your floors alone, making it one of the most important parts of your home needing insulation. By placing spray foam under your floorboards, you increase your home’s thermal resistance, and keep it warmer for longer.


Many homes have piping underneath the floorboards. Adding underfloor spray foam insulation adds an extra layer of thermal security, and it prevents the pipes from cracking and potentially bursting. If your pipes were to become affected, it can be very costly to repair them, that's why we strongly recommend underfloor insulation.

Eliminate Drafts

You can eliminate unwanted draughts in your home by adding sufficient underfloor spray foam insulation. If you’ve noticed that your home succumbs to cold draughts, then a simple solution such as floor insulation could fix this problem for you.


Underfloor spray foam insulation is a great way of soundproofing your home from unwanted noise. Whether it’s room to room or house to house, you’ll be able to sleep easier at night without having to deal with unwelcome sounds. Open cell spray foam is the recommended type if you’re looking for soundproofing as one of the key aspects of your underfloor insulation.

Save Money

The increased energy efficiency that comes with underfloor spray foam insulation isn’t just good news for the planet, but your wallet too. Underfloor insulation can help save you money on your monthly energy bills. An average of £65 a year can be saved with bespoke underfloor insulation in a detached property.

Structural Integrity

Just like using spray foam with cavity wall and roof insulation the added layer of underfloor spray foam insulation will strengthen your floors. This will, as a result, increase the structural integrity of your home. Underfloor insulation will help support your flooring while insulating – especially important if you prefer the natural look of your floorboards over carpeting or rugs.

Spray Foam for Underfloor Insulation

Our professionals recommend spray foam insulation for optimal results. Open cell spray foam offers better soundproofing, whereas closed cell spray foam has some of the best thermal values available on the market today. We advocate Icynene quality foam insulation, as it’s arguably the best on the market, and with it, you can have your floor insulated to a very high standard.

Where to Find the Best Underfloor Insulation?

At Eco Spray-Foam Systems, we have been in business for over 20 years, and have completed projects across London, Manchester, and beyond. No project is too big or too small for us, and we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service.

Over 100 of our amazing customers have reviewed us on Checkatrade, giving us an average score of 9.5! Spray foam floor insulation requires skill and precision – both qualities which all our installation experts possess.

If you’d like a bespoke quote, you can get in touch with us through our online contact form. One of our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you.

Underfloor Heating


  • I live in a flat, do I need permission from my downstairs neighbour? Arrow
  • Those of you living in a flat will need permission from a downstairs neighbour before moving forward with underfloor insulation. This is because any underfloor insulation for you, becomes ceiling insulation for them. Similarly, they would need permission for you before installing ceiling insulation. If the building your flat is in is owned run by a management company – you may also need permission from them before works can commence.
  • How do get access under the floor to install insulation?Arrow
  • Installation of your underfloor insulation is done from below, so if there are there is a residence below you, we would need access granted from them. If you live in a maisonette or house, then we can install from downstairs onto the floor above. Both these methods involve removing small parts of the ceiling, depending on your lighting different methods will have to be used – our team will be able to give you a quick assessment on the phone by asking a few simple questions.
  • What if I want underfloor insulation on the ground floor?Arrow
  • Ground floor insulation can be trickier as access would be needed to fit a person underneath. This is easy if access points, or hatches can be used (these can be located both internally and externally). However, in some cases, floorboards may have to come up in some rooms in order to complete installation under your whole home. Our team will be happy to talk with you about your floor type and arrange a free survey to go through your floor insulation options.

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