Professional Vehicle Insulation

Vehicle insulation can provide unmatched benefits for acoustic performance, thermal insulation and fire protection.

Acoustic Insulation

Noise pollution for vehicles comes in two forms, exterior and interior. With sufficient insulation you can dampen out the noise of external cars and general sound pollution while driving, and you can minimise the internal sounds such as the engine, air conditioning and heating and other components.

Thermal Insulation

With car or van insulation, you get additional benefits other than sound. With spray foam insulation your vehicle will enhance in its thermal properties, retaining heat much more effectively than before. Therefore you drive can be more comfortable and efficient with effective thermal insulation.

Fire Protection

With certain insulants you can better control the risk of overheating and potential fire hazards. From engine to electric vehicles, it is important to make sure they are reinforced with insulation and prevent the spread of fire possibilities. Contact us for more information regarding the fire safety of insulation.

Areas of Vehicle Insulation

Insulation can be applied across your vehicle in multiple forms. Our team of professionals are able to insulate: wheel arches, boots, roofs, bulkhead, bonnet, tunnel, body panel, floor plan, doors and pillars. Effectively insulating these areas of your vehicle can have many benefits on your overall satisfaction whilst driving.

Vehicle Insulation

Product Recommendation

Icynene spray foam is the preferred insulant for vehicle insulation. Due to its rapidly expanding nature, up to 100x, from its original size, we can insulate your vehicle efficiently and effectively. Open cell foam insulation, the expansive spray foam solution application, can also provide superior sound proofing properties, more so than other insulants.

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