Spray Foam Removal

Removing spray foam insulation was previously a mammoth task, with cases where the whole roof had to be removed to remove the product. Due to new technology, we can now provide this service to homes across the UK.

Is Spray Foam Removal Possible?

Removing spray foam insulation from your loft space is possible. Spray foam removal of both the open-cell and closed-cell variations can be a quick and easy process. Depending on the product in place, Eco Spray-Foam Systems will be able to efficiently remove your spray foam and dispose of it safely. Call us today on 0203 411 5188 to enquire about our spray foam removal service.

Previously, spray foam insulation could have been installed in your home by unaccredited companies with poor or faulty products as well as those with no warranty. These could greatly affect your home’s efficiency, as well as resale value and safety.

Is insulation removal possible?

Types of Spray Foam Insulation You Could Have

Removing spray foam insulation is easy once we know the type of insulation you currently have in place. Try investigating your product with our easy guide, looking out for the following characteristics. If you’re having any trouble identifying your current product, you can talk to our expert team or contact us to arrange a free survey.

Open-Cell Foam

  • Light & airy composition
  • Normally around 100mm thick
  • Can be torn and ripped by hand

Closed-Cell Foam

  • Rigid and durable insulation
  • Applied in thinner layers (as shallow as 25mm)
  • Will require special tools for removal
How we remove spray foam insulation

Removing Spray Foam Roof Insulation – How We Do It

Depending on the type of insulation you have at your property, removing spray foam insulation can be done in one of two ways.

Owing to its light and airy composition, open-cell spray foam can be easily removed by our team of experts with ease and efficiency. Using a range of tools and skills, your open-cell spray foam can be removed before we safely dispose of it. This no-stress spray foam removal service is something we’re proud to offer and can be performed in as little as just one day.

Using an ice-blasting machine, closed-cell spray foam removal is quick and easy. With a small machine that would only require a power supply from your home, pellets of dry ice are kept at high pressure before being blasted at your closed-cell insulation. The sudden cooling of your insulation causes the product to produce small cracks and can come off in large chunks, rather than chiselling and scraping away at the insulation. This method of spray foam removal can take a few days, but it’s best to talk to our office and surveying team about the scope of your works.

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How Was Spray Foam Removed Before?

Due to its expansive nature and the air barrier it creates, removing spray foam insulation was a hard task that sometimes required removal and reconstruction of the roof. Therefore, the cost previously could’ve been as high as £30,000 for a new roof. As well as this, the timescale and amount of disruption to your home was not beneficial.

Luckily, this disruption is no longer necessary as advanced technology means that even closed-cell spray foam removal can be completed in a matter of days.

How foam insulation was removed before
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Our Spray Foam Removal Service

Eco Spray-Foam Systems are fully accredited installers of spray foam insulation technology. As such, we have amassed a wealth of product knowledge. Our friendly office team are always ready to receive your call and can supply you with all the information you need regarding your spray foam removal enquiry. Contact us today to enquire about our spray foam removal service.

As well as this, we can extract old insulation from your cavity walls and supply new, efficient insulation – guaranteeing a full fill to stop condensation and the growth of mould.

To enquire about any of our insulation removal services, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0205 411 5188 to book a free survey so that we can assess how best to carry out the process of removing spray foam insulation from your property.

Reinstalling Spray Foam in Your Property

All your home insulation needs are met at Eco Spray-Foam Systems, we are fully accredited suppliers of the Icynene spray foam product – approved for use in residential properties. We have a rating of 9.5 from 1000s happy customers and supply 25-year warranties with our spray foam and cavity wall products.

Of course, we offer spray foam removal as a separate service and can quote your property as such. If you would like to reinsulate your home with a fully approved product, let us know on your enquiry and we can quote you for both the removal and reinstallation of our approved product.

Reinstalling Spray Foam Insulation