Garage Door Insulation

Learn the ins and outs of garage door insulation, what insulants to use and how to use it.


What is Garage Door Insulation?

Garage door insulation is simply the process of applying insulating material to your overhead garage door. An often-overlooked area to insulate, garages can succumb to a variety of moisture, dampness and other issues if not treated properly. Therefore, the insulation of your garage door poses a simple solution to make sure the content of your garage and better protected and it increases the value of your property. Our garage door insulation service is simple and effective and the products we use can provide solutions to your problems. If you wish to find out more about how our garage door insulation service can help you, contact us today via email, phone or our online chat.

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Why do you need Garage Door Insulation?

Garages home many leisure’s and activities, from home offices to storage units and places to put your cars, however, whatever you are using your garage for, it is important to consider the relevant insulation. Regardless of the internal contents of your garage, you are going to need it protected like any other room, you insulate a roof, or a wall, for specific reasons, to keep in heat, save money on energy bills or to add structural integrity, why should a garage be any different? With our garage insulation service, we can make sure your area serves its purposes efficiently and effectively.

What are the Benefits of Garage Door Insulation?


Reflect Solar Gain

Protect the contents of your garage from overheating by reflecting up to 97% of solar gain.


Stops Draughts

Confined spaces such as garages can be accustomed to unwanted draughts.


Increase R-Value

Increase the thermal efficiency of your garage with our garage insulation service.


Moisture Protection

Protect your contents from moisture and mould growth with effective garage insulation.

Types of Garage Door Insulation

Garage doors need to be insulated with specific materials in order to maximise the efficiency and minimise the risk. For example, if you use an insulant that is too heavy, then your garage door may become in operable. Therefore, we recommend the use of lightweight insulation materials, ideally that way less than 200g per m2, this will ensure that your garage door lifting mechanism are unharmed and continue to be functional.

Polystyrene Foam

This type of garage door insulation is commonly used and can be beneficial for your property. This insulant maintains its shape and fits well into the steel panels of a garage door, overtime, the foam insulant does not degrade, deform or even lost its R-value. Although, the fit is not that tight, allowing for air pockets which can have an effect on the R-value for your door.



Panel garage door insulation offers a cheaper alternative and can provide minimal insulation benefits. Although this form is not usually recommended due to its rigid inflexible features that make it hard to install and because there are better options to insulant with, using a panel insulant is, however, one of the common products used for garage door insulation.


Reflective Foil

Using a reflective foil insulant for your garage door insulation is what our experts recommend. Not only is this insulation lightweight, but it is highly effective at removing draughts in your garage, it is installation process is quick and easy, reflective foil also has sound deadening properties, giving your garage some much needed peace and the foil is extremely easy to clean and maintain. This form of garage door insulation is often confused with its weaker counterpart, mylar, which is a metallic, shiny-looking, plastic, which is good at reflecting light, but not the heat, it is a cheaper alternative to reflective foil and does not meet the standard at which our professionals believe your garage door should have.

Reflective Foil

Foam vs Reflective Foil Garage Door Insulation

Our experts recommend using one these two insulations for your garage door, polystyrene foam or reflective foil, however, which one is best for you?

Polystyrene Foam

While the foam insulant has strong R-value properties and can provide an effective insulation, its rigid composition can pose a nuisance for your garage door. Additionally, its non-airtight properties also show forms of weakness for garage door insulation. However, it is an effective insulation that can be used in regards to its thermal capabilities and the board is lightweight so to not interfere with your garage door’s operations.

Reflective Foil

Reflective foil has the edge over polystyrene foam as it ticks all the boxes in what you need for your garage door insulation. This insulant is lightweight, it is reflective (to light and heat), it has waterproof capabilities, prevents draughts and, one of its most important qualities, it is easy to setup and install. Additionally, it had soundproofing attributes that can turn your garage space into a more enjoyable experience.

How to Install Garage Door Insulation

Garage door insulation can be easy to install and you can create an effectively insulated area using our products. However, depending on the type of insulant you use, it may be troublesome to install yourself. Polystyrene foam insulation is one example of a more rigid and inflexible type of garage door insulation that may give you difficulty, they are more difficult to cut that insulants such as reflective foil, require specialist equipment and can be a safety concern. Therefore, we recommend using a more flexible garage door insulation product such as our reflective foil. By following these steps, you can successfully install reflective foil garage insulation.

Clean your Garage Door

You want to make sure that you remove dust and dirt that may have formed on your garage door. Paying close attention to those hard-to-reach areas such as the garage door struts (which will be the main contact areas for adhesion).

Apply Double-Sided Tape

Now you should apply double-sided tape to the garage door struts, covering the whole frame. However, do not unpeel the paper on the exposed face of the tape yet.

Apply Pressure

Apply pressure to the tape that you just placed, making sure it is securely fixed in around the frame so it will be sturdy and robust once we stick the insulation to it.

Peel the Tape

At this point, you are ready to peel off the front-facing side of the tape.

Secure the Installation

Using your insulant, gently roll it out onto its applied area and put consistent pressure to successfully secure it to the tape, making sure the adhesive holds firm.


This step is important not to forget, otherwise you may be in a spot of bother, make sure you cut out the insulation where the garage door moves on its hinge, this will continue to allow it to open and close. An area you definitely do not want to block up.

Beauty Trim

Now that your insulation is on, it is time to give it a beauty trim, any excess insulation that overhangs the bottom edge or the sides can be cut away to make your garage door insulation look neater.

Aluminium Tape

Finally, it is time to tape all the edges and seal all the joints in the insulant with aluminium tape. This should be the final step of your garage door insulation process.

Door Insulation for all climates

It is important to understand that insulation combats against all types of weather, whether it is keeping in the warmth during those cold winter days or reflecting the heat away across the summer months. Therefore, as a homeowner, you get many beneficial qualities with insulation, and garage door insulation is no different. Therefore, our reflective foil product is the right insulant for the occasion, it is perfect for both the winter and the summer because it can successfully resist all methods of heat transfer, such as: convection, conduction and radiation.

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Where to get Quality Garage Door Insulation?

Whether you want to find out more information about the garage door insulation service, or learn more about the insulants themselves, at Eco Spray Foam Systems we can provide invaluable insights into our insulation practices and products that will help you make an informed decision. As a company we stand on the side of full transparency and come to our customers aid, whether that be for knowledge of the equipment or for professional and experienced workers in the insulation field.

Email us, call us or message on our online chat today to start your garage door insulation process, we promise you will not regret it.