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Smoke Containment

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Optimum Fire Containment Sealant

EcoSpray-Foam Systems can provide robust and life-saving sealants that can contain not only fires that may be loose but also the smoke it gives off. When fire alarms and extinguishers do not suffice, our fire insulating products, containing the fire and smoke to the parameter they reside in will offer maximum protection. This product can be applied across a variety of properties, covering commercial properties such as containers, offices, warehouses, boats, factories, public buildings and more to residential properties such as houses, apartments and more.

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Fire Insulation Benefits

Maximum Containment of Fire

The sealant we provide will help support doors, walls and other spaces to prevent fire escaping.

Maximum insulator for Smoke

Smoke can become a major hazard in a property, therefore, our product reduce and remove this factor.

Flexible Applications

The sealant is easily installed and applied across various insulating properties, such as doors, windows and walls.


Services in Walls & Slabs
Fire Doors
Gaps in Fire Doors
Window Gaps
Window Openings

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How the Sealant Works?


Our products provide ultimate protection by its ability to swell up into areas once introduced to heat, enclosing gaps and providing fire-insulated structures.

Forms Char

The ability to intumesce under the influence of heat, the sealant forms a char like substance which, in turn, halts the passage of smoke and fire.


The inherently flexible composition of the structure allows it to form discreet yet robust protection and an alternative to fire alarms and doors.

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