Eco Loft Vent Home Air Filter

An air filter for your home will improve your overall quality of life and enhance your home environment. As well as this, you can reduce the threat of condensation and mould attacking your home.

What is a Home Air Filter?

An Eco Loft Vent home air filter system is designed to provide clean, pure air and allow you to give your home a new lease of life. By filtering the air that is circulated in your home, you can reduce the level of pollutants in your home and reduce the natural moisture level of your home – simply generated by any water consumption in the household.

The average 4-person household will use 100 pints of liquid a week through the boiling of kettles, cooking, showering and many more methods. This will all contribute to the damp air problem in your home. Problems can then manifest in the form of condensation, dampness and mould – compromising the integrity of your property and potentially causing or aggravating breathing problems.

It’s not only air moisture that can cause problems for your home. Cigarette fumes, dust and chemical emissions can all negatively affect both your home and those living in it. These all contribute to a poor level of air quality in your home and can be fixed with the installation of an air filter for your home.

Home air filter units are capable of increasing the airflow through your property by an additional 10%, helping to push contaminated air from your home and providing you with fresh air all day long.

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Benefits of Home Air Filter Installation



Displace the pollutants in your home.


Clean Air

Disperses clean air throughout your property.


Prevents Stains

Tobacco and other fumes can settle and cause damages.



Prevent the growth of damp and mould in your property.


Structural Benefits

These issues will attack your walls, compromising the structural integrity



Save yourself from the cost of pulling apart your home


Health Benefits

Remove toxins and create positive health benefits.



Push clean and filtered air through your home.

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How Will an Air filter For My Home Work?

A small box, less than half a metre high, will sit in your loft or attic space and pull in the surrounding air. After this, your filtered air can be distributed throughout your home in a central location. The new air will displace your contaminated and vapour-heavy air which lowers the humidity levels all throughout your home.

Your home air filter system will be able to operate at maximum efficiency all throughout your house, as even with closed internal doors, the small air gap around the doors will allow the clean air to access all areas of your home. This means that, if closing internal doors for safety or privacy, the efficiency of the home air filter will not be dramatically affected by this.

In colder temperatures, an air filter for your home will gently warm the air that it circulates. Similarly, in warmer temperatures, the unit will turn off at temperatures over 25 degrees to avoid hot air being distributed throughout your home.

Air Filter Installation


The installation of an air filter for your home has never been easier! One single unit, less than half a metre tall, can sit in your loft space and handle the intake of the air. Once filtered, this air it moved with one single tube from the unit to a central hallway or landing in your home. Here, the air is evenly dispersed through a sleek internal unit in order to displace the contaminated air in your home.

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Eco Spray-Foam Systems can supply and fit an Eco Loft Vent for your home and can even offer you a maintenance package to ensure that your air filter is running efficiently all year round!

Call us today on 0203 411 5188 to enquire about your home air filter and how it can be used to improve the air quality in your home and keep damp and mould at bay!

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Our expert office team are always ready to answer any questions you have in regard to your home air filter and can even assess your suitability for the system over the phone!

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