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We can deliver a first-class spray foam insulation service for residential and commercial properties across London

Spray Foam Experience

At Eco Spray-Foam Systems we have been insulating across London for over 20 years, insulating both residential and commercial properties. We are based in London with a central London office and our head office in Harold Wood, East London. We were one of the first adopters of the spray foam insulation system in the UK, having been a contractor for Icynene for nearly a decade now. In this time, we have helped construction companies solve their most challenging insulation problems with our bespoke solutions.

Over 20 years

Spray Foam

About Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is the new go-to in the insulation world. Spray foam is remarkably adaptable. It can be used in a variety of applications, including the roof, walls, and floors. There are two main types of spray foam insulation that you should know about, and these are open-cell and closed-cell. Each of these has unique properties that make them suitable for specific applications.

Spray Foam - Open Cell

Open-cell spray foam expands from 1mm thick of liquid to 100mm thickness of the fully-formed foam. This expansion allows this type of foam to fill even the hardest to reach of places – it is an ideal solution when the build is intricate and standard tradition insulation cannot mould itself to the basic shape – giving you the ability to achieve an airtightness unattainable with the traditional types meaning you can reach your predicted u-value.

Open-cell spray foam insulation is also the type that we have installed in many lofts in residential properties across London. The composition of open-cell spray foam allows it to be breathable insulation perfect for working alongside your timbers. It will also shift to accommodate seasonal changes, cannot sustain mould as well as being 100% water blown.

Another property to remember about the open-cell spray foam is its acoustic values – with it being a soft foam, it is also great at absorbing sounds, particularly airborne sounds such as talking or the TV. We have installed our open-cell spray foam insulation system in many internal walls and in between floors to help reduce the noise coming from neighbours.

Spray Foam - Closed Cell

The other type of spray foam insulation you should know about is known as closed-cell spray foam. This type is made of cells that are much tighter together, giving it a ridged finish. With a thermal conductivity of 0.036 W/mK, closed-cell spray foam is one of the best insulation products on the market today in terms of thermal conductivity, but this is not the only property that sets it apart from other insulation types. The way it sets ridged allows it to help add structural integrity to a wall or roof – This means it can help to extend the life of the wall or roof that is applied.

Also, the closed-cell spray foam acts as a complete vapor barrier, as well as having the ability to deflect bulk amounts of water. This is due to this type of spray foam having its dense, rigid structure, meaning it is ideal at preventing water/air leakage. This, however, is not what you would want around timbers in most cases, the closed-cell spray foam insulation is primarily used on metal-framed structures.

Spray Foam - Pour Fill

Besides the two most common types of spray foam insulation, you have a third type that is a “pour fill” solution that is designed for retrofitting in a cavity situation. Icynenes pour fill answer is an insulator and air barrier that can be injected into older buildings and the existing drywall while preserving the original architectural details. In the existing drywall, our pour fill solution can be applied via drilling small 8mm holes and injecting. The pour fill solution expands slowing up to 60 times its initial volume, starting from the bottom of the cavity it will slowly expand upwards. This solution expands gently following the path of least resistance to filling the entire space while not damaging the surface.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Save Money & Energy

As soon as our spray foam insulation system is installed, you can expect to begin making savings, case studies have shown up to a 50% reduction of heating costs. Besides saving on the heating bills, you may also be able to reduce the size of your air conditioning unit. In the future, if you decide to sell your property, you can expect buyers to pay more for a home that will lower energy costs.

Air Quality

Air sealing your property with spray foam will significantly reduce the number of airborne pollutants. Illnesses like asthma are agitated by dust and dirt in the air, with spray foam installed many of our customers have reported a noticeable drop of dust and dirt in the air.

Protect Your Home

Our eco spray foam solution not only insulates but protects your home from moisture. According to studies, 99% of the moisture that enters the house does so via the air. This means that the air seal that is achieved with spray foam will stop most of the moisture entering your property and thus preventing the mould and damage that it can cause.

Pest Protection

Traditional insulation types are often used by household pests such as rodents as nesting material or even food! Spray foam is not a food source for rodents or other creatures. It is not an excellent material for nests, and as a solid provides a barrier that is difficult to pass through.

Structural Integrity

If you wish to add structural integrity to a roof or wall, our closed-cell spray foam is an ideal solution. No other form of traditional insulation can do this.

Applications of Spray Foam
Pitched Roof Insulation

Around 25% of heat lost from your home is lost via the roof. Insulation applied to a membrane on the underside of your tiles can reduce your heat loss and in turn save you money.

Flat Roof Insulation

Flat roofs can be prone to heat damage and leaking. Correctly installed insulation can be a great help in reducing heat loss and preventing leaks.

Wall Insulation

Spray foam is just one option we provide when it comes to insulating walls. We can also offer ESP cavity insulation.

Floor Insulation

Suspending floors can be extremely draughty, spray foam can be applied to the underside to prevent this. We can also insulate between the levels of your property for acoustic reasons too.


We can retrofit our spray foam system into existing conversions. It is a great solution to prevent the age-old problem of “Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Boat Insulation

We have insulated many boats for a variety of uses from canal boats and barge conversions. Speak to a member of staff to discuss your needs.

Vehicle Insulation

With more and more people continually converting vans to live in or to travel we have become experts in insulating all types of vehicles.

Warehouse Insulation

We have insulated warehouses of all sizes and various uses, from pharmaceuticals to metalwork. We can provide the advice and expertise to ensure your project is insulated to meet your requirements.

Factories & Office Blocks

Insulating factories and office blocks correctly are crucial to the success of your business. From keeping HVAC costs down to making your workplace comfortable for employees.

Container Insulation

Find out more about insulating a container – we have insulated containers for a variety of reasons, from storing old books to converting into office space. We can provide the right advice for your needs.

Wall Insulation

Wall insulation is a vital part of what we do. Whether you are insulating for thermal or acoustic reasons, we are here to help.

Swimming Pool Insulation

Insulating swimming pools is something you must do. With our 20 years of insulating experience, we have insulated many swimming pools over the years, and we understand your needs and the potential problems you may encounter.

Ship Insulation

Commercial ships are insulated in a variety of ways. We understand your need to control the temperatures in different areas of the vessel and are here to help you achieve the standard of insulation you need.

Car Parks & Concrete Soffits

Our closed-cell spray foam is ideal for car parks and concrete soffits. Please speak to one of our insulation experts to find out more.

Schools & Hospitals

With many new schools and hospitals being built passive house concepts. Spray foam insulation is the perfect insulator to help you seal the envelope of the building.

Workshops & Garages

We are here to help you insulate your workshop/garage to the standard you need. We can also provide you with a class 0 fire rated foam.