Corporate Responsibility

Eco Friendly - The Art of Giving Back

Businesses grow in numbers day by day and with each new entity on the scene comes impacts on the environment and society around us. Society has grown into a cosmopolitan, modernised and industrial state which has had an array of benefits for the individuals. However, the cost of such growth has left the environment, the air, our waters and land to be heavily polluted. At EcoSpray-Foam Systems we make sure to give back to the environment around us, to cause minimal damage on to the environment and to pursue actions that can aid the development of our ecosystems. Through our products, our actions and our values, we aim to achieve a healthy and clean future to grow into.

Our Innovations

Sustainable Products


EcoSpray-Foam Systems uses sustainable materials that minimise or, in some cases, remove the need for environmentally harmful substances. Icynene Spray foam insulation can affect the environment via two possibilities, blowing agents and fire retardants. We can analyse the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of a blowing agent, e.g. Spray Foam to assess the the damage potential. GWP is a measurement of how much given mass of greenhouse gas is estimated to contribute to global warming. There are, available, many spray foam products that employ blowing agents that contribute highly to GWP. As a company we ensure that our products are without the use of HFC and PBDE blowing agent and instead opt for the formula of 100% water blown products. This 100% water blow solutions have a GWP of 1, proving it to be the the most sustainable product for insulation on the market today.


Icynene Spray Foam Insulation holds a myriad of further benefits to the users, clients and the environment. Due to the composition of Icynene spray foam, it is a non-irritant and a hygienic substance, odorless and produces 0 harmful emissions... unlike many other spray foam products. Additionally, due to the open nature of the structure and composition of spray foam, water vapour is allowed to diffuse through the foam providing an inhabitable space for mold to grow into. Icynene spray foam is the receiver of many certifications that enhance its environmentally friendly outlook. One certificate is AMICA- issued by the European Association for Chronic Toxic Injury which supports the fact that Icynene does not let off toxic emissions. The Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of Icynene spray foam is 0.