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About Eco Spray Foam

Eco Spray-Foam Systems originated in Kent with our first office in Margate. We have since rapidly expanded to have four offices across the country. Now with over 20 years’ experience in the insulation industry and being one of the first to begin using spray foam insulation, we are the company to go to when insulating in Kent. We have experience in insulating residential and commercial buildings across the Kent county.

Spray foam insulation has been in use in North America since the 1970s, and it has been in the UK market for several years. But with more recent developments in technology and knowledge, we see a rapid expansion across the UK insulation market with fewer and fewer people using tradition types. Spray foam has two main types which you should know about, and these are open-cell and closed-cell.

With each type having its applications, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with its uses so you can understand how it can help you to insulate correctly. Closed-cell spray foam has the highest thermal conductivity at 0.036 W/mK. Its cell structure is compressed and means it foams a solid foam hard to the touch. This type of spray foam can be used to add structural integrity as well as thermal insulation, something which no other kind of insulation can do!

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Closed Cell

Closed-cell can be applied in 25-30mm intervals to achieve you desired you u-value. It will adhere to virtually any surface, but due to its solid unbreathable structure, we recommend using it alongside surfaces like metal and concrete, making it a usual choice for a host of commercial applications. It also acts as a complete water barrier being able to rebound large amounts of water.

Open Cell

Open-cell spray foam insulation, on the other hand, is a soft, breathable foam – This is the type we recommend using in loft spaces. We would pin a breathable membrane in place and spray directly between the rafters above your head. This creates an air seal around the top of your property. Being breathable means, it is perfect for working alongside your timbers.

This type of spray foam as the most rate of expansion compared to any other kind of foam, it will expand from 1mm thick of liquid to 100mm of foam. This expanding nature is what makes it great at insulating hard to reach places and creating the airtight seal you want to retain heat. The airtightness is an important factor when comparing spray foam to other insulation types like Celotex for example, not to mention the amount of time taken to cut Celotex the other thing you must remember is that if not cut entirely flush. If the installer leaves just a 1mm air gap, the u-value predicted will not be achieved.

If your goal is to reduce sound open-cell is the better choice. It has higher acoustic values because it is soft and spongy, which makes it great at absorbing air bourn sounds like the tv or radio.

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Manchester Insulation

Pour Fill

There is also another type of spray foam which most people do not know. This is the “Pour Fill” variation. It is designed for use in cavities in which you wish to protect the surface architecture or when you wish to inject spray foam. It can be injected via 8mm drill holes. This itself does have an open-cell and closed-cell version to suit your needs. Unlike the other types, the pour fill version expands at a slower rate following the path of least resistance. It will explain from the bottom for the bottom of the cavity upwards to 60 times its initial volume.

What are the benefits of spray foam insulation?

Save Money & Energy

With our spray foam insulation system installed, you could expect you save up to 50% on your energy costs. For this reason, some have argued that the system will pay for itself over a period. Not only this but prospective buyers are more likely to pay more for a property with a higher energy efficiency rating.

Air Quality

The way spray foam creates an airtight seal around your property means that you can expect a reduction in the number of airborne pollutants. This will make the space much more comfortable for some with illnesses that are irritated but dust and dirt in the air like asthma.

Protect your Home

Moisture entering the property I a worry to many homeowners due to the damage that can follow, from mould for example. Up to 99% of the moisture that enters the home is in the air, and the air seal will prevent the bulk of moisture being able to enter your problem leaving your mind at ease.

Protection from Pests

Rodents and other nasty critters us traditional insulation as either nesting material or even food. Spray foam cannot be used by these creatures preventing them from setting up home in your home!

Structural Strength

If you are looking to extend the lift of a wall or roof then closed-cell spray foam can do precisely that by reinforcing the structure.

Applications of Spray Foam Insulation

25% of heat the leaves a home does so through the roof. Spray foam is the ideal solution to preventing this heat loss and saving you money on heating.

The fast and easy application of spray foam makes insulation flat roofs east, contact us today for your survey.

Spray foam is a great solution when looking to insulate your walls. However, it is not the only solution we provide, pop over to our wall insulation page for more information.

When it comes to conversions you want to make it a habitable space not too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, our spray foam will turn your conversion into an inhabitable space all year round.

Many people have come to us looking to insulate their vehicles, we can make recommendations based on your specific needs.

We have completed many types of boats over the last 20 years, every project has completed eliminated condensation and damp.

Insulating warehouses to a high standard is necessary. We can offer you an effective solution while meeting any requirements such as fireproof insulation. We can also run condensation risk and u-value calculations to ensure we meet your needs.

Maintaining your insulation to ensure your workplace is a comfortable, productive environment is essential. We have experience in insulating factories and office blocks for several high-profile clients and will be happy to help you next.

Containers can provide practical storage for a variety of items if insulated effectively. Not only can they been used as storage, but we have also insulated many container conversions to be used as office space or workshops.

Just like the roof heat can escape through the walls too, around 35% of heat escapes via the walls. We have insulated walls for several companies with both spray foam and EPS beads.

We understand the needs and requirements of insulating swimming pools, you can speak to one of our experts for any recommendations you require.

Spray foam is becoming the number one choice for insulation ships. This is for several reasons, but one of them being its lightweight yet practical nature.

Spray foam is being used more and more in the public sector. This is for both its air seal that can be achieved as well as exceptional thermal values. It can be used to meet building regulations u-value and fire requirements easily.

We can insulate workshops and garages with a class 0 fire rated foam along with meeting any of your other requirements.

We are here to help you meet building regulations when insulating car parks and concrete soffits, our closed-cell foam is an ideal solution. We can complete a u-value calculation to find out exactly how much product you need to meet your targets.