Residential Home Conversions

Trusted insulation for your home, to save you money on your energy bills, that can be applied on roofs, walls, floors and more.

Save Money

With a home roof conversion you can save money on your energy bills every month. Up to 25% of heat is lost through your roof, therefore, if properly insulated, you can drastically reduce this percentage. With efficient thermal insulation the heat stays in and you rely less on heating your property, thus, saving you money.

More Space

Our team of experts are capable of carrying out a variety of home conversions, wall insulations, flooring, crawl spaces and more. If your home is tight for space, our team can convert your property to have effective insulation whilst enhancing the space of you residential home. A home conversion can add value to your property.


Sustainability and eco-friendliness is at the core of our ethos, that is why we provide a 100% environmentally friendly product, spray foam insulation. Not only is the product 100% water blown, but with home insulation you will consume less energy which, in turn, reduces your carob emissions output, keeping the environment clean.

Areas for Home Conversion

There are a variety of home conversions that can be applied. For example, your loft space can be converted and we can insulate the roofing or the floors, both with the benefit of saving you money and adding value to your home. Our conversions are performed with foam insulation that has an average lifespan of a property, therefore, an investment in a conversion is a lifetime investment that saves you money every month.

Home Conversions

Product Recommendation

Icynene spray foam is our most flexible and widely applied insulant that is perfect for home conversions. It comes in two forms, open cell and closed cell, both with beneficial properties. Open cell foam can expand up to 100x its size, requiring less to insulate and is a cheaper alternative than the closed cell form. Contact us for your free survey or to find out more about residential home conversions and insulation.

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