Loft Conversion Insulation

Our loft conversion insulation can be applied to the roof, walls, and floors. Our trusted insulation solutions go a long way to make your loft conversion, cosier, comfier, and warmer. And, it can help you save money on your energy bills, too.

Loft Conversion Insulation Regulations

When converting your loft into a habitable space, such as a bedroom or study, insulation can be applied to any areas that need it - including the walls or floor. However, due to building regulations, loft conversion insulation must be applied to the roof.

In England, the minimum U-value of a loft conversion must be at least 0.18W/m²K. In insulation terms, this translates to at least 270 mm of traditional insulation types.

However, for high performance spray foam insulation, the required thickness is significantly lower, at 125 mm. This means loft areas that may previously have been unsuitable for conversion, as there wasn’t enough space to fit 270 mm of traditional insulation, can be put to new use under spray foam.

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Benefits of Insulating your Loft Conversion

When you insulate your loft conversion, your pocket will thank you - along with the planet! With a wide variety of benefits for your home, see why loft insulation is the right choice for you.

Save Money

Loft conversion insulation can help you save money on your heating bills each month. Our spray foam solutions will help ensure the heat stays in your home efficiently. Given that 25% percent of heat is lost through the roof, insulating the highest point of your home allows you to drastically reduce this percentage.

More Space

Our team of experts are more than adept at carrying out a variety of loft conversion insulation projects. From wall insulation, to flooring, to crawl spaces, and more. If your loft is tight for space, efficient insulation can help you expand the area.
Plus, a loft conversion can add value to your property.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at EcoSpray-Foam. That’s why we provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional insulation. Not only is eco spray foam 100% water blown, but its high thermal value means it will see you consume less energy. Making eco spray foam the perfect solution for the carbon conscious consumer.

Planning a Loft Conversion Soon?

Putting your loft space to new uses is an exciting plan for your home. As well as allowing yourself new spaces to work, study or live - you're also adding value to your home. If you’re planning to convert your loft soon, or have already begun building works, then this is the perfect time to consider loft conversion insulation.

With the loft still an open space, loft conversion insulation specialists are able to work quickly and freely with no obstructions to the spray foam process.

Eco Spray-Foam Systems have over 20 years experience in the insulation industry and have insulated plenty of loft conversions. Our office and surveying team will be able to advise you on the best time in your conversion process to get your insulation work completed.

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Have An Existing Loft Conversion?

Though we recommend insulating your loft before the majority of works are completed, applying loft conversion insulation to an existing conversion is easier than you might have thought.

If you bought your home with the loft already converted, or converted your loft and are now finding it does not hold heat as well as the rest of the house - then insulation is what you’re looking for.

Eco Spray-Foam Systems will be able to insulate your existing loft conversion to the highest level with a cut-and-fill application. Small sections of your walls, floor and ceilings can be cut out to allow spray foam to be applied to the roof and floor of your loft.

Loft Conversion Insulation Areas

As we’ve mentioned, there are a few places you can apply loft conversion insulation, each with its own advantages.

Insulating the walls of your loft conversion, as well as having all the above benefits, can also help you when it comes to sound proofing your loft. This will come in particularly useful if the loft is made up of multiple rooms.

Additionally, insulating the floor of your loft conversion can also help the floor feel comfier and warmer to walk on. Again, this contributes to a cosier living space.

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Spray Foam for Loft Conversion Insulation

Icynene spray foam is extremely flexible and high-performing - which is why it is the perfect insulant for loft conversions. It comes in two forms; open cell and closed spray foam, each with beneficial properties.

Open-cell spray foam can expand up to 100x in size, meaning it requires less to insulate larger spaces, and is a cheaper alternative to closed-cell.

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Start Your Loft Conversion Insulation Journey Today!

Here at Eco Spray-Foam Systems, we have an abundance of experience completing a variety of projects, as well as a wealth of knowledge in insulation.

From residential to commercial spaces, we’ve insulated properties and rooms of all shapes and sizes across London, Manchester, and the whole of the UK. We have a wealth of experience in both insulating new loft conversions, as well as retrofitting older loft conversions.

Let the experts take care of all of your loft conversion insulation needs, and contact us today for your custom quote.


  • Why Use Spray Foam For Loft Conversion Insulation?Arrow
  • Not only do insulation types such as fibreglass need almost triple the thickness of application that spray foam needs. But due to their application method, which can impact the u-value of the insulation by a factor of 5 with just a 1 millimetre gap, can technically not reach the required building regulations. Spray foam insulation expands to ensure a full fill with no gaps between your rafters and the insulation.

  • Do You Need an Air Gap With Spray Foam Insulation?Arrow
  • Since the open-cell spray foam itself is breathable, an air gap is not needed for this type of insulation. Insulation boards, made of high density polystyrene foam, require an air gap due to their highly dense properties. This air gap limits the space allowed for the new rooms in your loft conversion.

  • How Do I Get A Quote For Loft Conversion Insulation?Arrow
  • After getting in touch with Eco Spray-Foam Systems, we will happily send a member of our surveying team round for a free survey. They can ask all the necessary questions about the timeline of your project, and the area you require insulation. After returning their findings to the office, we will be able to draw up a quote for your insulation needs and aim to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.