ECO3 Insulation Scheme

The UK government has created the ECO3 (Energy Company Obligation) scheme to help homeowners replace their old or outdated electrical storage heaters for free. This initiative will run until June 2022 as we prepare for ECO4.

100% Free

100% Free

ECO3 is a UK government grant to provide 100% free insulation for your home.

Energy Efficient

Save Money & Energy

ECO3 is a UK government grant to provide 100% free insulation for your home.

2 Mins Application

2-Minute Application

ECO3 is a UK government grant to provide 100% free insulation for your home.

What is the ECO3 Scheme?

The Energy Company Obligation scheme (ECO3) is an initiative proposed by the UK government to help homes become more energy efficient and save money on bills. The UK government is offering a 100% free replace of any old or uneconomical electric storage heaters in properties.

This initiative is to help reduce the amount of homeonwers in fuel poverty and is aimed at helping specific demographics in society, such as low-income households, vulnerable households and fuel-poor households.

You can check out the ECO3 Scheme eligibility list here.

Start Date

ECO3 Scheme - Key Details

  1. ECO3 is a UK Government Scheme
  2. The deadline is June 2022
  3. You can get a 100% free grant
  4. You pay nothing
  5. There are no obligations
  6. You can apply in 2 minutes
  7. You can see the eligibility criteria here

Official Energy Company Obligation

You can find out more about the Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) difrectly from the Depart for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

The document states that "These measures help households to keep their homes warmer, reduce their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions" and has already delivered over 2.4 million improvements.

ECO UK Government Document

ECO 3 Scheme Eligibility

The UK government is focusing on specific homeowners for their ECO3 scheme, if you believe that you fall into one of the following catgegories and/or qualifying benefits, then you will most likely be eligible for the ECO3 scheme:

  1. Armed Forces Independent Payments
  2. Child Benefits
  3. Child Tax Credits
  4. Disability Living Allowance (or severe disablement allowance)
  5. Income Related Employment
  6. Income Related Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)
  7. Pension Guarantee Credit
  8. Personal Independence Payment Carer's Allowance
  9. Support Allowance (ESA)
  10. Universal Credit
  11. Working Tax Credits

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