Getting to the Surface – 5 Benefits of Floor Insulation for your Home

Floor insulation is an often-overlooked area to insulate in your home, however, when done correctly, it can provide some great living benefits to your home. Experience better living standards, more comfort and excellent thermal properties with professional residential floor insulation. Although the typical focus of home insulation lies in roofs, attics and exterior walls, homeowners can also save money by insulating the spaces under their floors. Create a more efficient home by insulating your room’s foundation, reduce heat loss and, consequently, reduce your heating bills. We have narrowed down floor insulation to having 5 main benefits.

1) Prevent Heat Loss & Save Money

Not to be confused with underfloor heating, but floor insulation, as with any form of insulation, allows you to retain heat better and reduce your reliance on using energy. The insulation that fills the space in your floors will impede temperature change, therefore, requires you to rely less on heating. Did you know that, on average, more than 10% of heat from your home is lost through the floors. The statistic is an average of all homes, however, the number can be significantly higher in older homes that have hardwood floors or any floors that are made out of materials that are known to conduct the heat and the cold. Therefore, with an effective floor insulation solution, you can reduce this percentage of heat loss through your floors and start to save money on your monthly heating bills.

2) Pipe Care

Pipes are always at risk of freezing, however, with sufficient floor insulation you can reduce the risk of your pipes freezing, which can be a costly affair to resolve. If your home is subject to very cold winters then your pipes are at even more risk and, therefore, floor insulation could provide the extra protection that your pipes need to prevent them from freezing. Protect your home this winter and avoid potential risks of pipe freezing with floor insulation.

3) Reduce Moisture & Create a Vapour Barrier

Moisture build up is especially prevalent in floors that use wood. By having a layer of insulation between your floors can create a necessary vapour barrier which, in turn, will prevent moisture from making its way in and running your wood floors. A necessary first step may be to get a professional to inspect your floors for signs of moisture build up, also if you have crawl spaces and/or basements, creating this vapour barrier will also help aid these two areas. If you are familiar with dehumidifying your basement, then it may be wise to consider a layer of insulation.

4) Summer Periods

Although floor insulation has many benefits for colder winter periods, there are also benefits of floor insulation across the summer period. In addition to floor insulation controlling your moisture in main living areas, it can also help control interior temperatures in warmer months. It is common for hot air to build up under your floor, rising up through out floorboards and heating your home from below, however, if insulated, then this can be controlled, regulated and minimised.

5) Eliminates Drafts

This has particular focus on homes that are raised above the ground, that have crawlspaces, these areas allow for drafts to flow through. It would be effective break up this draft with specific insulation and prevent a build of drafts moving through your gaps. Importantly, if your floor joints are enclosed, spray foam insulation is one of the best answers that can help you to insulate this area. Therefore, contacting a professional to inspect your home, especially if it has crawlspaces, can help you insulate effectively, saving you money and in the long run.

Smart Solutions

At Eco Spray Foam Systems we can provide a free survey and assess your property to see if you can benefit from floor insulation. As seen above, there are various benefits of floor insulation and it can create a better living space and help you to save money on your energy bills. If you are looking to cut over 10% of your energy loss, then floor insulation may be the answer for you. With over 20 years of experience, our professionals can conduct the right home survey for you, contact us directly at to find out more information.