Benefits of Insulating Commercial Buildings – Spray Foam

There are numerous benefits of using insulation for commercial properties and buildings such as: saving money, structural integrity, energy efficiency, acoustic advantages and more. Insulation is becoming more efficient, parallel to a rise in sustainable values and eco-friendly ethos that companies are adopting. We strong believe in using sustainable practices and products to create quality products, while giving back to the environment. A building is measured highly on its energy efficiency and structural integrity, two factors that quality insulation can aid. Building insulation is typically known for its thermal purposes, however, with the latest insulating technologies and products such as Icynene spray foam, there are a whole new range of advantages and benefits when insulating your property.

“Thermally-efficient commercial buildings that achieve a verified performance standard deliver better occupant comfort and in turn command higher rental fees. More energy efficient buildings can deliver higher resilience to extreme weather, better comfort, and reduce stress on the electricity grid.” – Killian Smith, Kingspan Technical Services Manager

Purposes of Building Insulation

When you insulate a commercial property/building, you receive an array of benefits. Some of the benefits we will cover are thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and structural integrity. However, it is important to note that the benefits received from insulation depends on the type of insulation used, we will be basing our information from using our recommended Icynene spray foam insulation.

1. Thermal Insulation:
Home insulation commonly benefits from thermal insulation, especially those situated within areas of extreme climes, either extremely hot or extremely cold. However, commercial buildings can benefit just as much from insulation. While using closed-cell spray foam insulation, you get a significant R-Value of up to 7, which measures the effectiveness of retaining heat and preventing heat transference. A score of 7 makes this form of spray foam insulation one of the more superior products.

2. Acoustic Insulation:
Certain types of insulation can also act as sound absorbers, minimising sound pollution from the internal or external of the building. Whether your building is used as an office or any other commercial use, it can be important to insulate with soundproofing in mind. Spray foam insulation has another form, open-cell, this form provides superior properties for effective soundproofing. When you take acoustic factors into consideration you are either, trying to improve sound within a room or reduce sound leakage to and from adjacent rooms, with open-cell spray foam, this can be accomplished for increased productivity and a more desirable building. A survey conducted by Cambridge Sound Management found that 60% of employees are more productive in a quieter office and 30% of employees are distracted by co-workers noise levels.

3. Structural Integrity:
While using spray foam insulation, not only will it provide soundproofing and thermal benefits, but also it reinforces the structure of your commercial building. Its solid composition creates a more structural property and can increase the lifespan of your property. Foam insulation is estimated to last up to and over 80 years. The dense, thick cells of closed-cell foam insulation is also resistant to water vapour and prevents mould growth. These factors also enhance the robustness of your property.

Advantages to Commercial Insulation

In addition to the aforementioned purposes of spray foam insulation in commercial buildings, there are a variety of other advantages that commercial insulation has to offer.

1. Cost Effective:
Cutting overhead costs is pivotal for any business and with the ever-increasing price of energy in a plea to become more sustainable, spray foam insulation is the perfect solution to save money and to become energy efficient. Due to the superior properties of Icynene foam insulation, your business will reduce its reliance on energy, lowering your carbon footprint, and saving money on energy bills. Moreover, when leasing a building, rates can be over 20% above average for green spaces, sustainability is paving the way forward for a better future.

2. Corporate Responsibility:
For any company, it is important to ensure an eco-friendly outlook and is your corporate responsibility to adhere to sustainable values. Healthy, safe and sustainable lifestyles are growing, this is the same for residential properties as well as commercial ones. Staff want to work for eco-friendly companies and corporations must take all measures to ensure energy efficiency. When using spray foam insulation, this product is 100% water-blown, lets of zero harmful gases and reduces your carbon footprint due to a lower energy consumption. This product is at the top of the range for sustainable insulation.

3. Insulation for Comfort:
As a business, it is important to ensure comfort for your employees. Regulating room temperatures, decent sound levels and sustainable methods all create a greater atmosphere to work in. Overall, occupant satisfaction is driven by thermal comfort. Using spray foam insulation, you can regulate the internal temperature and create a happier working environment for occupants.

Insulating with Eco Spray Foam Systems

At Eco Spray Foam Systems, we heavily endorse energy efficient and sustainable insulating practices. We recommend the usage of spray foam insulation due to its superior capabilities, in insulation, money-saving, soundproofing, reinforcing structures and energy-efficiency. We have year of experience in insulating commercial properties and can offer consultation and expertise if you wish to insulate a building. Contact us at for more information, let us insulate for a better tomorrow.