What is Cavity Wall Extraction and Why You Might Need it?

Cavity wall extraction, as opposed to cavity wall insulation, is simply the process of extracting and removing insulation from your cavity walls. You may think why would I ever need to remove my cavity wall insulation? Well, there is a lot to understand about the effectiveness of different insulations for your exterior walls. You may have insulation yet still get draughts, feel cold and do not see a difference in your energy bills. This may be where cavity wall extraction is necessary, to remove the ineffective insulation, ready to be replaced. The common weather in England also being wet, damp and windy can also play a role in adversely affecting your wall insulation, therefore, removing and replacing it may be your only option.

What is Cavity Wall Extraction?

The process of extracting outdated, inefficient and damaged insulation from your cavity walls required specialist equipment and expertise to make sure it is done correctly. The insulation is removed by blowing highly compressed air into your wall’s cavity while a vacuum, that is placed in your wall, collects the insulation waste. The equipment to blow the air and collect the insulation are strategically placed in your exterior walls to make sure it can effectively extract and remove the insulation.

Why Should you Remove your Cavity Wall Insulation?

Whether you have just moved into your property or have been living there a while, it may be a good idea to assess the effectiveness of the insulation in your cavity walls. Depending on the age of your building, where it is located, what insulation was used and many other factors, you may be in need of extracting the insulation from your walls.

1. Energy Bills

If you have insulation installed in your cavity walls, you may expect that you will be saving up to 35% on heat escape and, therefore, saving money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. However, depending on your external wall insulation, you may be entirely wrong. If your insulation in your cavities is not up to standard, using good quality insulation and conforming to industry standards, then the insulations effectiveness may be weakened and saving you little-to-no money on your energy bills.

2. Wall Damage

Walls become damaged from rain, wind and overall harsh weather conditions. Over time, the insulation inside will start to break down and affect the composition of your wall, weakening the structure of your property and the effectiveness of the insulation. With over 13 million homes in Britain that have cavity wall insulation, you must ask yourself, is yours damaging your walls?

3. Insulation Standards

When cavity wall insulation was previously installed, certain standards and certifications laid out by companies such as KIWA and BBA, companies known for setting standards in home and commercial insulation, it may have been before certain regulations were in place. Therefore, your insulation may not be regulated to the required standard and need to be extracted and replaced to save you money down the line.

How can I assess if my Cavity Wall Insulation Needs Extracting and Replacing?

There are a few things you can look out for that may indicate your exterior walls need to have their insulation extracted. Some indicators are as follows:

  • Higher than normal energy bills
  • The area has flooding
  • Simply unhappy with the current insulation work
  • Your property is not retaining heat well
  • Your exterior walls are cold and have certain cold spots
  • Damp areas
  • Damage to exterior walls

If you are exposed to any of the above issues, then you can call us directly on 0203 411 5188 and our cavity wall insulation experts will attend and investigate your insulation problems. Our property surveyors can assess your cavity wall insulation and provide a course of action for you to follow.