4 Reason Why you need Swimming Pool Insulation

Swimming pool insulation is typically an overlook overhead that could potentially save you money and provide a better customer experience. Commercial businesses are continually looking for areas to save money and increase profit margins and by insulating your swimming pool, you can do just that. As energy prices rise and a stand for environmental sustainability increases, companies need to fall in line to meet these new, eco-friendly criteria, otherwise you could be at risk of losing customers and succumbing to a bad reputation. Swimming pools, especially in companies such as hotels, swimming clubs and spas, can have considerably high operational costs, therefore, in order to increase revenue and endorse a more sustainable nature, we recommend swimming pool insulation. From our experience and research, we understand there to be 4 critical benefits of insulating your swimming pool.

1) Cost Effective Insulation

Any insulation can help save businesses money in a variety of ways. Swimming pool insulation is no different. Most, if not all, companies that have a swimming pool service also use some sort of temperature regulation mechanism to keep the water at an ideal temperature for customer satisfaction. However, constantly having your swimming pool regulated requires a lot of energy, maintenance costs and other service-related costs that can add up to pretty heft overheads for a business. Whereas, if you invested in swimming pool insulation, you reduce the reliance on temperature regulators, reducing your energy output and saving you money every month. Insulating your commercial swimming pools is a long-term investment that has both short-term and long-term benefits which supports a company’s bottom line.

2) Sustainability

Companies must go green. With the rise of environmentally friendly policies, companies must meet certain standards for both their reputation and to comply with government policies. By insulating your commercial pools you will see a drastic reduction in energy costs to heat the pool, reduced co2 emissions, reduced use of chemicals and even a reduced loss of water. These reductions all contribute towards a better, more sustainable, environment. Insulating your pool doesn’t only reduce a company’s carbon footprint but also aids as a sustainable investment for the long-term.

3) Customer Satisfaction

No matter why you do what you do, every company aims to please their customers. Over the last decade companies have turned to greener, eco-friendly, policies to help support environmentally sustainability. This has grown into the everyday norm and an expectation for businesses. If a company fails to endorse sustainable measures, it can have a negative affect on the reputation and the overall business of a company. Whereas, if a company implements strategies to be greener and eco-friendly, customers may feel more inclined to use this type of business. To put into perspective, 87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues – Forbes study.

4) Compliance

As previously mentioned, governments are cracking down on companies that don’t comply/meet a certain level of environmentally friendly and sustainable regulations. It is important to comply with and to even exceed government measures regarding environmental policy. For instance, certain UK building require insulation regulations and standards, especially in relation to the U-Value of the material. Our products meet and exceed these regulations, allowing us to provide a bespoke swimming pool insulation service. In 2010, a regulation came into effect, requiring insulation for all new build indoor swimming pools, therefore we use products that can provide the necessary and compliant insulation.

Concluding Thoughts

Swimming pool insulation is a great opportunity for businesses to utilise, it is a strong investment, adds value to a company, expands the lifetime of pools, cuts monthly costs, reduces a company’s carbon footprint and allows you to adhere to and comply with government policy. If you wish to find out more about swimming pool insulation then contact one of our experts at info@sprayfoam.co.uk today and we’d back happy to help and provide a free survey of your commercial property.