What are the Benefits of our Window Installation Service?

Eco Spray-Foam Systems offers a range of services that can add value to your home and commercial property. From bespoke insulation to windows, doors and conservatory installation. As a homeowner or property owner, it is important to understand the key benefits of using the correct team for your installation and insulation needs. We provide an unparalleled window installation service that can tick all your boxes, we take the weight off your shoulders and help you through the entire process. Window installation is an important factor of every property, whether it is new in construction or if you’re renovation and refurbishing an already established one. When you work with us, we offer something different, trust and transparency across the process, which our clients speak highly of. So why do you need our window installation service?

Eco Spray-Foam Systems – Window Installation

From London to Manchester and all across the United Kingdom, we have been active in window installations. One of our main focuses? Eco-friendly and sustainability. We offer a sustainable option to your window installation desires that can be professionally fitted to any home or commercial property, with a variety of design options to choose from. Our windows are either double-glazed or even triple-glazed to provide the best benefits for you. We offer a 100% lead free solution, reinforcing our eco-friendly outlook, for the environment and your property. The window products we offer supersede traditional standards of windows. Moreover, our windows are fitted with a six-chamber system that can aid and act in parallel with your home or commercial property insulation, enhance structural integrity and increase the acoustic performance. Apart from our environmentally friendly window installation service, and cost-effective solutions, we offer an array of designs that can fulfil your desires. We want you to be involved in the process with us, you are in control of the style, the type of handles, optional hinge additions, colours, gradients and more styling. We allow for complete transparency so we can provide the best service possible for you.

Benefits of Window Installation

Window installation can generate many positives for your home or commercial property, and our product is vastly superior to many on the market today. Some of the benefits we offer with our window installations include:

1. Energy Saving:
The typical position of many windows, especially for residential window installations, is above a radiator. Therefore, due to this strategic position, heat from your radiator can easily escape from standard windows. However, due to our experience in property insulation and window installation, we understand how to preserve the heat in your property and create a more heat efficient space. We save your energy with our triple-glazed windows, that offer maximum efficiency for preserving heat. No more heat loss for you, less energy consumption and, therefore, less impact on the environment. Together we can reduce your carbon footprint.

2. 100% Lead-Free:
Our window products are 100% lead free PVCu. Considering, traditional lead has been the norm in window installation and a lot of companies may provide a cheaper product that is more harmful and less effective for you. Many lead-based products in the past have become obsolete and eradicated from markets due to their negative impact on the environment and general health of individuals. For example, in 1992, lead-based paint was banned within the United Kingdom.

3. Enhanced Security:
We offer windows that provide high security hinge guards, two steel cams heavy duty shootbolt and central steel deadbolt for optimum security. But what does this mean? Well, heavy duty shootbolt has 300% of contact area and, compared to competitor products, this is the most secure form of shootbolt on the market. The two steels cams sit on either side of the central deadbolt to enhance the overall security of the product and the high hinge security guards are fitted as standard. These aforementioned factors create a superior locking system for our windows to bring maximum security and reinforcement to your property. Importantly, our window installations are neighbourhood watch approved, due to their superior security features.

4. Flexible Design:
The design phase of our window installation is an important factor and we allow for complete transparency so you can get the windows that you want. We offer glossy white designs, solid colours, wood grain materials and wooden styles for the perfect touch. You can have as much input or as little input in this phase as you’d like, our communication channels are always open to hear from you and to work with you. Our professional window installation team are friendly, experienced and provide quality work for each client.

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