5 Key Benefits of Boat Insulation

You may question the necessity of boat insulation, why you actually need it, what are the benefits and is boat insulation even worth it. However, we would recommend doing your due diligence before writing off boat insulation. Whether your boat is used for living, leisure or for luxury, boat insulation can drastically enhance your experience, save you money and make your boat investment that much more worth it. Canal boats are one type of boat that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, therefore it is worthy to consider canal boat insulation. Statistics show that, in London, more than 10,000 people live on boats and that, on estimate, 25% of England’s 33,000 inland boats mirror as permanent homes. There is a clear market for boats in England, especially within London, therefore it is important to acknowledge the benefits of having boat insulation. Our industry experts have highlighted 5 key benefits of insulating your boat.

1) Performance

One major aspect that concerns every boat owner, the performance. Did you know that with quality boat insulation, you can enhance its performance? We would recommend closed-cell foam insulation which is particularly suited to marine projects due to its sturdy and rigid composition. Closed cell foam insulation is essentially water impermeable; it does not rot or break down when subjected to water. Moreover, this type of foam insulation holds its structure and can be an effective solution for your boat, increasing its lifespan and making it easier to maintain.

2) Temperature Regulation

Using the example of closed cell spray foam insulation, we can also see benefits in regards to temperature regulation. Closed cell foam insulation has a extremely tight composition and a high R-value that provides a quality thermal insulation service which better regulates the temperature of your boat. The importance of better regulating your boat temperature can aid to your experience. Whether you live on the boat or use it for leisure, temperature regulation will provide a more comfortable experience.

3) Reduce Noise Pollution

The other type of spray foam, open cell foam insulation, has excellent noise cancelling properties. This form of insulation contains open cells that spread easier and the airiness of the cells help to dull out and reduce irritable sounds and noises, especially prevalent from the boat’s engine sounds. Your boating experience will be enhanced, especially for longer stays on the boat, with open cell boat insulation for noise reduction.

4) Structural Integrity & Mould Resistant

Spray foam insulation has great structural and mould resistant properties that, not only adds to the value of your boat, but also enhances its lifetime and minimise the need for maintenance. Foam insulation properties can be lightweight (open cell) which can efficiently insulate your boat, whilst keep the weight of your boat at a reasonable level, or a bit heavier (open cell) but provide increased structural integrity properties. Additional, a strong benefit of boat insulation is, when using foam insulation, your insulant will be resistant to mould growth due to the foam composition.

5) Cost Efficient - Save Money

Our last key benefit of boat insulation is the price and cost efficiency. The price of spray foam insulation is outweighed by the return on investment from the benefits of spray foam insulation. We mentioned heat and temperature regulation, making you rely less on heating and cooling of your boat, which helps reduce energy consumption and, therefore, saving you money. We also mentioned increasing the structural integrity, resisting water damage and mould growth and reducing sound pollution. These factors all contribute to adding value to your boat and increasing its lifespan. Thus, a combination of the benefits of boat insulation all contribute to saving you money in the long-term.

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