Container Insulation: Insulation for Commercial and Residential Containers

Containers are a widely used property, traditionally, for commercial reasons. They are common and ideal storage units and transportation containers, keeping in a variety of products. However, in a recent societal wave of sustainability and eco-friendliness, many have adopted containers to be used for more residential purposes. With the ever-increasing number of containers used for commercial reasons, there are many that are thrown away and out of service, for commercial reasons. However, individuals have begun to reuse these ‘old’ and inoperable containers to create beautiful homes, offices and more. Reusing containers is part of the eco-friendly movement in reducing waste, as more people become innovative with their sustainable ideals, containers now make ideal living spaces. Nonetheless, whether it is used for commercial or residential reasons, containers can be and must be insulated to ensure they can carry out their duties. Duties as a means to transport goods, or as a living/working space for individuals.

Why you need insulation for your container

Due to the composition of a container, usually large metal (solid steel) objects, it is important to insulate them. The metal composition makes it highly inefficient at retaining and preserving heat, therefore if you wish to live in it, or transport goods that require certain temperatures, your container must be insulated. Moreover, depending on the journey or life of your container, it may need certain insulation dependent on the climate around it.

Container insulation for residential purposes

If you wish to ride the sustainability wave with an innovative container living or working space then it is important to take the necessary steps to make the property ideal for you. Our specialists would recommend the use of spray foam insulation to insulate your container in the best way possible. Spray foam insulation provides an array of benefits to enhance your property. For example, with closed-cell spray foam insulation your container will:

  1. Have structural support from the dense foam,
  2. Preserve and contain heat due to its superior R-Value,
  3. Prevent the transference of dust and water,
  4. Prevent mould growth that can damage your property,
  5. Sustainably applied to aid your eco-friendly methods.

Icynene manufacture spray foam and they are at the forefront of this insulation technology. At Eco-Spray Foam Systems we are recognised users of Icynene spray foam and want to bring the best of insulation to our clients. Turn your container into a perfect living or working space with Icynene spray foam insulation!

Container insulation for commercial purposes

The more common use of containers, for transportation of goods across long distances, requires sufficient insulation to carry out its duties. The duty of the container is to successfully transport goods, to keep the goods safe and in optimum condition and to maximise capacity within them. However, as previously mentioned, the composition of a container can make it less than optimal when ‘looking-after’ and transporting products. In order to keep the products from becoming damaged and to successfully transport them across long distances, you need to ensure your container is insulated. As above, we’d recommend Icynene spray foam insulation due to its superior R-Value, structural benefits and impermeable factors. However, other insulation solutions could be:

  1. Cotton insulation, which has an R-value of around 9cm, this insulation can also be drawn from recyclable means, such as denim.
  2. Wool insulation, this also has an R-value of around 9cm, sourced from renewable materials such as sheep wool. Sheep wool is also naturally flame retardant, making it unnecessary to treat with other chemical solutions.

The Eco-Spray Foam System way

If you have a container that is in need of insulation, or if you have questions whether it initially needs insulation, contact us today for your free advice and consultation. We have over 20 years’ experience in the insulation field and have insulated commercial and residential projects. We believe in the sustainable way, therefore, we would always recommend the most eco-friendly method of insulation and we use the best of the best in terms of insulation products to provide optimum results for our customers. Contact us today at to begin your insulation journey. Moreover, for more information, check out our container insulation page here.