Soundproofing – How to Insulate Against Sound Pollution

Typically, when you here insulation, you tend to think of heat, either keeping heat in or letting heat out. However, specific types of insulation can do a lot more for your property. Soundproofing is a well sought-after desire for many consumers, with ever-increasing noises from cities, roads, piping and more, it is important that we minimise noise pollutions in our homes, office spaces and all commercial/industrial properties. Soundproofing can provide your life with more comfort, desirability and relaxation. Additionally, with the insulation technology available today, properties can be insulated for the typical means of providing heat and cool effective treatment in combination with nicely soundproofed structures, minimising unwanted sounds.

The Miracle of Spray Foam Insulation for Soundproofing

Icynene spray foam insulation is, arguably, the top of the range insulation product available on the market today, already installed in millions of properties across the globe, this insulation provides a sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to all your insulation needs. One factor of Icynene spray foam insulation that stands above the rest is its capability to minimise sound. Foam insulation comes in two forms, either Open Cell Foam Insulation or Closed Cell Foam Insulation. Regarding soundproofing, we will be focusing on the former, in which it holds a myriad of sound-deadening properties that makes it a perfect solution to your noise troubles.

Open Cell for Soundproofing

Open cell material is a less dense, more flexible and openly structured form of insulation, these properties provide a perfect basis to soundproof any area. The sheer flexibility of the material allows the foam to cover every nook and cranny, every crevice and every hard-to-reach area with its incredible expansionist structure. From a liquid state, open cell foam insulation can expand over one hundred times, spreading to all desired areas, creating an air barrier that aids to reducing sound. Moreover, due to the widespread functionality of its open cellular formatting, this is a highly cost-effective solution for insulation, usually only requiring one application before it covers the entire desired structure.

Importantly, open cell foam insulation isn’t just for soundproofing, it is also a great insulant for heat and cooling. Icynene, a high-quality spray foam product, provides a spray foam solution that reduces noise pollution and sufficiently insulates your home. You will be getting more bang for your buck with this solution and, overall, find that peaceful ambiance that you are seeking.

Noise Pollutions – Why Do You Need to Soundproof?

You may not realise it, but the everyday household experiences a vast variety of different sounds that all contribute to a rise in noise pollution. We believe in a solution to cancel out and/or minimise the following sounds: airborne sound, impact & structure vibrations, flanking sounds and plumbing noises.

  • Airborne Sound: Perhaps the most common form of noise, airborne sound are the noises you hear through the air, sound that travels from external and internal sources. E.g. traffic, stereos and video games, city noises and people.
  • Impact & Structural Vibrations:Impact noises create loud shocks and vibrations that can travel through a property, whether it is in an office or at a home, these sounds can become irritating and distracting if not dealt with properly. However, with the correct floor insulation you can dampen and structurally break down the vibrations before they become a problem.
  • Flanking Sounds: Flanking sounds are similar to structural vibrations where it conveys an accumulation of noise built up from multiple sources. However, flanking sounds focuses on walls, where, if covered by foam insulation correctly, you can block the travel and minimise sound. This is particularly evident in cavity walls, if not filled, the vibrations in the cavity can travel directly from one side to the other.
  • Plumbing Noises: Running water via your piping system, especially after a few years, can prove to be a loud source of consistent and irritating noise. As pipes run through main structures of a property you can essentially here vibrational noise transference throughout. Plumbing sounds are especially prevalent in apartment blocks and hotels where people tend you use water at the same time, whether to shower for work, wash dishes etc. Pipes can be properly secured to minimise plumbing noise pollution.

EcoSpray-Foam Systems Solution

Our team of professionals understand the need to reduce sound pollution and to create a soundproof and ambient atmosphere. We endorse an array of products that can minimise sounds in the relevant areas. Through expertise and experience our teams are dedicated to finding the sources of noise pollution and assigning the correct techniques to properly reduce the noise depending on the structure. Spray foam insulation using an open cell formula is a customer-favourite product which we believe can solve many issues and at a cost-effective result. For more information on our spray foam insulation services check out our product page.