Aircraft Insulation – The World’s Lightest Sound Insulation

Aircraft insulation is typically unspoken and just assumed, but when travelling the noise of an aeroplane is always a constant factor in somebody’s journey. However, recent studies have shown a type of insulation that can help aircrafts be up to 80% more soundproof than current levels. Not only is the revolutionary for the travel industry, but for insulation applications ahead. Aviation insulation typically revolves around weight reduction or an additional benefit that is worth adding more weight. However, this latest advancement in insulation has provided the optimal solution, balancing out the lightest sound insulation available with the most effective capabilities for soundproofing.

Graphene Aerogel Insulation

This revolutionary insulation for the aviation industry is called graphene aerogel, which aims to reduce energy noises to the same level as a hair dryer. An outstanding hypothesis, yet something that is within reach. This incredible insulant was the product of research from the University of Bath, where the insulation was formed, weighing in at only 2.1kg per cubic metre.

The insulation was produced at an extremely low density by using a liquid composition of graphene oxide and polymer. This is formed with whipped air bubble and freeze-casted. You can compare it to the process of making meringue from whipping egg whites. The solution is solid but contains a lot of air, which supports the lightweight nature of the insulation and the sound absorption properties.

Expectations for applications of this insulation are high and researchers estimate that it could be used within the next 18 months. The next period of testing, they will try to optimise it further, to improve heat dissipation and benefiting fuel efficiency and safety.

Implications for the Insulation Industry

With expectations for aerogel usage within the next 18 months heighten, researchers are specialists alike convey a belief that this insulation can extend beyond the aviation industry to aiding and benefiting all types of vehicles, from helicopters to vessels and cars. The incredible soundproofing properties can help reduce the noise transportation with typically loud engines. Vessel insulation is known for loud operating noises, especially how sound travels through ships, therefore, using this revolutionary insulation can provide a better experience for those on vessels.

Furthermore, with continuous development and testing, researchers also believe that this insulation can be applied to building and construction properties. Due to the incredible soundproofing qualities of the insulant, commercial buildings would see a lot of benefits from its application. Sound-dampening insulation has always been considered when insulating commercial buildings, therefore, to find an insulation as mentioned above, it could change the way we insulate in the future. Places of work and operations could see many benefits from using graphene aerogel.

Soundproofing insulation is a well sought out property for many different applications, therefore, if researchers can also manage to enhance heat dissipation, the insulant will present an ever more so important benefit that can be widely used across the insulation industry.

As this insulation is an extremely new concept, we will be keeping track of its progress and updating our article accordingly. Stay tuned for the latest information about graphene aerogel insulation, the world’s lightest and most effective soundproofing insulation type that can make aeroplanes sound as loud as a hairdryer.