What is EPS Beading Insulation for Cavity Walls?

EPS beading is a particular form of insulation that is suited for cavity walls. Cavity wall insulation is a specific form of insulation that involves injecting insulants, such as EPS beading, directly into the cavity of your walls. Importantly, once you install EPS beading into your cavities, this form of insulation tends to last the life span of your property, providing a highly efficient and cost-effective insulation material. EPS beading, to this day, is one of the most advanced cavity wall insulation methods on the market. This form of insulation revolutionised typical methods, such as installing cavity boards to fit, helping homeowners save time and money.

Composition of EPS Beading

EPS beads are formed of polystyrene and, when injected, will be combined with a binding agent or adhesive. These beads are produced to a specific size and will keep that consistency at the time of injection. Materials use should comply with relevant governmental bodies and certifications such as BBA (British Board of Agreement) and CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency). At EcoSpray Foam Systems, we have acquired these relevant certifications and more, that make us certified and accredited cavity wall installers for homeowners and commercial properties.

Properties of EPS Beading

EPS beads have a specific resilience in regards to water. The material used is water resistant, rejecting water penetration, thus, providing an effective solution for your cavity walls. EPS beads will not transfer water across the cavity by either capillary action or from below dpc level. Although, it is important to note that EPS beads are not designed to be a water vapour barrier. Nonetheless, due to its properties, the beads prevent moisture build up as they do not absorb water, preventing unwanted mould growth.

Application of EPS Beading for Cavity Walls

Firstly, experts will assess your cavity walls, before installing any insulation, to determine how suitable the property is for this form of insulation. Next, the preparation stage, allows of internal and external checks of your cavity wall. Then injection holes are professionally drilled into the exterior of your cavity wall, typically carried out by a technician. The EPS beads are then injected and installed into the cavity, using a type of insulation gun, in specific sequence, to ensure it is properly filled and can provide the most effective thermal properties for your home. The injection holes are then filled and covered up, matching your wall as close as possible, to show no indication of insulation work from the outside.

Benefits of EPS Beading for your Cavity Wall

There is an array of benefits that EPS beads have when installed into your cavity. Some of these benefits include:

Cost Effective: Save money on your energy bills by conserving heat and relying less on heaters in your home.

Efficient: No need for storage boards, saving you space and preventing theft issues that many standard insulants have.

Effective: Save up to 15% on materials by not needing to fill cable peaks.

Low Build Cost: Ease of installation and reduction in materials minimise overheads in the installation process.

Flowability: No cold spots or settlement issues due to the innovative flowability technology of EPS beads.

Low U-Value: Improve your U-Value by up to 70%, which is around 20% more effective than standard fibre insulation for cavity walls.

Moisture Control: The composition of EPS beads prevents mould growth and moisture build up.

Durability: EPS beads do not crack or settle, making it a very stable cavity wall insulant and it is also resistant to bacteria and mould.

Trusted Cavity Wall Installers

With over 20 years of experience, EcoSpray Foam Systems is a trusted cavity wall installer that not only has all relevant certifications and more, but also, has over a 9.9 customer satisfaction provided by Checkatrade. We do not just aim to provide a quality service but we also believe in great customer care. Call us today and book your cavity wall assessment, it will be one of the best decisions you can make for your home, and it will help you get ahead of the nasty winters to come by keeping your home warmer and nicer to live in. Call us on 0203 411 5188 or email us at info@sprayfoam.co.uk. For more information, check out our EPS Beading service at www.sprayfoam.co.uk/eps-beading.html.