Why Choose Spray Foam for Home Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is still making headlines in homeowner news, being the primary go-to insulation solution for residential applications. Homes have seen traditional insulations, such as fibreglass and cellulose, prove to be ineffective over time and, in some cases, hazardous. Since the 1970s a type of foam insulation has made its way into the market by providing great benefits and high-performance qualities for home insulation.

When insulating homes, it is important to meet a few different objectives that will satisfy the homeowner and for the benefit of the property. Factors such as: thermal insulation, long-lasting insulation products, soundproofing, structural integrity, versatility, eco-friendly, energy-saving and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, we can weigh up spray foam insulation against the aforementioned factors and see how it fares in its effectiveness for insulating homes.

1. Thermal Insulation

Spray foam insulation comes in two main forms, open-cell and closed-cell. If you were to use the closed-cell type, you will be insulating your property with one of the most effective thermal insulation products available in the market. The U-Value for spray foam can be as low as 0.039 W/m2K, practically an unbeatable figure. Check out our insulation terminology page to learn more about the U-Value of insulation materials.

2. Long-Lasting

Spray foam insulation can last as long as the property itself, giving you a great return on investment (ROI) as you save money on your energy bills with sufficient insulation. Additionally, the foam substance is not edible by the likes of rodents , which other more traditional forms can be, and therefore, lowering the life expectancy of those older insulants.

3. Soundproofing

Whether you are working from home, live in a noisy neighbourhood, or just want some more peace and quiet, spray foam’s open-cell insulation type consists of light and airy particles, extremely effective for sound absorption. Therefore, you can effectively reduce the sound pollution by investing in spray foam.

4. Structural Integrity

The solid composition of closed-cell foam insulation provides a firm and robust area of insulation. As you spray on closed-cell foam to the structure of your home, you can expect to increase the structural integrity of that area. Therefore, areas such as the roof or walls, and other areas subject to harsh conditions, can greatly benefit from this additional strengthening, available via closed-cell foam insulation.

5. Versatility

Spray foam insulation is a one-stop shop for all your home insulation requirements. What does this mean? Well, foam insulation can cover your roofs, walls, floors, crawl spaces, shed, garage and basements, making it a highly versatile form of insulation , applicable all over the property. This can save you time when investing in home insulation.

6. Eco-Friendly

How can using spray foam help you help the environment ? Firstly, the better the thermal performance of your insulation, the less you will rely on energy-consuming products. Because closed-cell foam is such a high-performing insulant, you will cut your energy output and therefore reduce your carbon emissions output every month.

Additionally, spray foam products themselves can consist of recycled bottles, in fact, 3000 bottles go into one drum of Icynene closed-cell foam insulation. Some other sustainable facts of using foam insulation are the fact that its Global Warming Potential (GWP) is 1, making it the most sustainable product on the market. Also, the Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of spray foam is 0, as it contains zero harmful emissions.

7. Cost Effectiveness

When investing in insulation, there are a few things to consider when talking about pricing. For example, how much the upfront costs are? How much money can you save? Is there an ROI? How long will your insulation last?

Well, by investing in foam insulation, over time, you can see a positive ROI as you may be saving a good amount of money on your energy bills. In 2022, England is currently seeing the highest energy price spikes in history , putting more people into fuel poverty than ever. With an insulation solution that can save you money every month on your energy bills, it seems like a great answer for homeowners to invest in. Tie this in with the long-lasting factor of foam insulation, you’ve got yourself a proven product available for homeowners to invest in their property’s future with.